Entrepreneurship 101

Entrepreneurship 101

I have traveled 25 cities since January, 2010 and if there is one thing that I see even with my eyes closed, it’s the progress of entrepreneurship. India is no longer a baby on the world stage of business, it’s a grown-up marching ahead, and the youth of India are leading the charge. The 80s and 90s, when most of us were born, was the period of trials and errors – economy was opening up, internet was introduced, telecom sector was de-licensed and national highways were under construction.

Flashback over – come to present scene!

There are 85 crores mobile connections in India! Nearly 50 national highways criss-cross the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari! The Sensex has gone up from 3000 to 18000! And names like Facebook, twitter are no longer strange words. Nearly 50% Indians are below 25 years of age, and this is the power that will decide the destiny of the nation. And what does this generation want? It does not want jobs under someone else – it is not the “CAN I” generation, it is the “I CAN” generation.

What is entrepreneurial attitude?

When we were kids, we were taught “CAN I” as good manners – can I go to toilet, can I play now, can I take a holiday … This is not what entrepreneurial attitude is, it is about “I CAN” – I can create a business, I can be on my own, I can build a team, I can launch a product and get customer. It is about taking your destiny in your hands.

Steps to entrepreneurship

The first to entrepreneurship is the idea. Once you get an idea what you want to do, look at execution plans – who are the customers who will use what I build, what are the products I will give them, how much will it sell for, where to get customers, how to build a team, how to manage finance issues etc. My suggestion is for all of you who wish to start – take a 100 days test. Spend the next 100 days trying to get answers and take concrete steps towards starting your venture – if you are still in love after 100 days, then go ahead and start up.

About the Author

Amit Grover is an individual with a passion for entrepreneurship. He is an IIT Delhi and IIM Indore graduate and founder of Nurture Talent Academy. He has worked with Infosys, Asian Paints and Onida before starting his own venture for training of budding entrepreneurs. Amit is a Guest Blogger at Let Me Know.

About the Author

Amit Grover, founder of AHAtaxis.com, is an IIT Delhi and IIM Indore alumnus, having more than 12 years of industry experience. He started Nurture Talent Academy, and earlier worked with Infosys, Asian Paints, Onida and Mumbai Angels. He regularly blogs on www.amitgrover.co.in. AHA Taxis, his recent venture, offers one way outstation travel across India.


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