Mechpreneurs – Skill development and Industry Interaction Internship Program

 Nurture Talent Academy, India’s 1st institute for training entrepreneurs has designed a unique week long training program “ MechPreneur “ – Skill development and Industry Interaction Internship program for Mechanical/Automobile/ Production engineering students. This summer we are launching our Skill development program for Mechanical/Automobile/ production engineering and MBA students with reputed industry partners and trainers from HONDA, HYUNDAI, MARUTI, NISSAN, IIT Mumbai, IIT Delhi, Mahindra, NTPC etc. who wants to help students and professionals to indentify the problems of various big industries and create business opportunity by solving those problems for students from mechanical/automotive/production Engineering. The training will take place in Chennai Coimbatore and Mysore only.It is a mix of presentations, exercises, games, public speaking and group discussions. The aim is to motivate the students to solve the key problems of the industry and train the students to take up entrepreneurship as a career option.Day 1 – Advanced & Sophisticated Manufacturing Systems used in Industry-Manufacturing Engineering

An Expert from HYUNDAI MOTORS INDIA LIMITED (HIML) will take a session.

Day 2 – “Product design & Development – Industrial Engineering

An Expert from DELPHI-TVS will take the session

Day 3- NON Destructive Testing- NDT Used in Automobile Industry

An Expert who finished ASNT- NDT LEVEL-III Certification in NDT and have around 8 years of experience in NDT industry will take session.

Day 4- SIX SIGMA & LEAN MANUFACTURING – Used in Automobile Industry

An expert from U.S Firm provides best training in Quality & Six sigma.

Day 5- Advanced composite materials in Automobiles & Research Methodology

A Doctorate holder in the area of composites having around 6 years of experience in the field of composites & Research will take the session

Day 6 -Orientation on Entrepreneurship –Business Opportunities in Mechanical industry.

An expert from Nurture Talent Academy will deliver the session.

Day 7 – ENTREPRENEUR TALK- Successful Entrepreneur in mechanical will share his experience

Founder & CEO of Nurture Talent Academy will be key speaker with other entrepreneurs.

Key Benefit

We will be providing the students knowledge in the field of how to become an Entrepreneur in field of Mechanical and guidance by Top Notch Industry experts for their projects by giving them live training from experienced experts. Mentoring will be provided for your college students who wish to start their own business in field of mechanical/ automobile / production engineering. The Students will be solving some key problems of the industry through group work and guidance from our experts.

Training Highlights

Receive an unparalleled education from Nurture talent Academy experienced experts with personal one-on-one attention.
Learn and interact with one of the respected trainers from Hyundai, TVS, BAJAJ, Maruti , IIT MUMBAI, IIT Delhi, etc
Nurture Talent Academy certification programs are recognized in the industry.
Improve your job prospects and get an edge over your counterparts and become an entrepreneur.
Interactive Query sessions, Live Demos, games, PowerPoint Presentation.

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Confessions of an entrepreneur

Over two+ years of my journey after starting Nurture Talent Academy, I have a few confessions to make and share with the readers:

* I talk more with my employees than with my wife. Though my wife does not mind it, it’s a little strange that I give less time to her than anyone else in the world.

* My employees give me more time than the time they spend with their girlfriend/boyfriend — yes the alternate hypothesis to point 1 is also true!

* We put our life in our startup, and no pleasure in the world can compare with a customer’s positive feedback.

* Negative feedback from customers does hurt us, specially when we put our life into our tasks!

* Competitors do not matter — we don’t get or feel hurt if anything happens; but trust matters and it hurts when anyone breaks it including our word to others.

* There is no rest. The first month of our launch was hectic, so we didn’t sleep (only enough to keep alive). Now two years later, it’s the same. Many people feel entrepreneurs take rest after achieving something big, but that’s a big myth. I have come across hundreds of other entrepreneurs who have no holidays — it’s just another day

at work.

* Business is tough (not that anyone ever said it was easy), but you have to play with rules and at the same time, try to break them plus make new ones.

* I have not come across a business that made over `1 crore revenue in the first year. All business plans projecting otherwise seem false to me.

* I have not come across a business that made profits in the first year of operations!

* I have seen so many articles that focus on number 10, so I included this confession. Lessons don’t come in even numbers — it’s just a marketing gimmick or a clever headline. Do not believe them, just move forward with your startup journey.

Article originally Published : on 24 Mar 2012

Qualities of an entrepreneur

At various forums we get this question — what are the qualities of an entrepreneur? Many students wish to know if they really have it in them to be an entrepreneur or not. Here’s a checklist.


Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli started together at the same time in their cricketing careers. Today, Sachin is God and Vinod is no longer in the limelight. As an entrepreneur, it is important to have passion and sustain it for years, often decades. Talent is a pre-requisite but it does not end there — it begins there.


I have seen hundreds of people starting with full enthusiasm, only to give up two-three months later. It is okay to change ideas and plans and move on to something new, but entrepreneurship requires lots of energy.


How many times have you seen a product or business and wished you had done it? The BIG difference between an entrepreneur and any other person is action — real entrepreneurs DO! It is important to think, plan, strategise, study and analyse but after all this you have to act.


An entrepreneur is like a child, always keeping his/her eyes and ears open for new ideas, information and knowledge. It is important to keep questioning current systems and processes, else how will the future evolve? For instance, think about what companies will not be there in 2020 and work backwards to create alternatives.


If you can own up to your responsibilities, you are on the right track to entrepreneurship. There are people sleeping, watching movies, etc, instead of organising events, visiting new towns, et al. What is your favourite activity?

We wish more and more individuals would identify their personal potential and venture out to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship

Article originally Published: on 17 Mar 2012

Entrepreneur networks

Many aspiring entrepreneurs face trouble in meeting other like-minded people. There are various organisations and industry bodies, which support and encourage entrepreneurship in India. It may be helpful to explore the offerings for entrepreneurs’ benefits.


Popularly known as The Indus Entrepreneurs, TiE is a global organisation with chapters across India. They organise various networking events to bring entrepreneurs together and contribute to each other’s progress. Senior and successful entrepreneurs share their experiences with young and budding entrepreneurs. Regular mentoring sessions are held in major cities for aspiring entrepreneurs. It has a membership fee which brings some benefits, but events are also open to non-members.

Headstart Startup Saturday

Headstart is a nonprofit organisation that conducts Startup Saturday across various cities — an event scheduled for every second Saturday of the month and brings together entrepreneurs, students and investors in an informal setting to encourage dialogue and participation. Entrepreneurs can share ideas, get feedback from their peers, put up concerns and grow their network. There is a nominal fee for attending the events. It also organises annual startup exhibitions to give a platform to new ventures.

Open Coffee Club

It is an informal group of entrepreneurs and professionals who come together on a monthly basis to network with each other for common goals. Most events have a central theme to drive the discussions and interactions. It is also well supported by Google groups, where all members contribute actively to solve common issues faced by each other. Bangalore chapter is most active, while it has its presence in Pune, Chennai and Kolkata too.

Article Originally Published : on 04 Mar 2012