Keep your team happy

Keep your team happy

In the movie The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan says, “Movies work for three reasons — entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!” In the same way, a business can be successful for three reasons — team, team, team! Let us look at ways in which entrepreneurs can keep their team happy.


Sometimes, it is just important to keep listening to your team. Your employees go through various experiences every day. At every stage, if you can lend an ear to their stories, it will keep you informed about the ground situation and also help give an outlet to your employees. You can guide your team better if you listen to them rather than being a dictator.

Share the vision

At Nurture Talent Academy, we have a clear vision to help 1,000 ventures start and generate 20,000 jobs in three-five years. Every person in our team knows the target and each decision is taken to ensure that we achieve this vision. Even for monthly operational targets, the team is aware and often set their targets.

Communicate targets

When I worked at Asian Paints, I was handed a territory where we had to achieve the task of painting 30 sites in a month. Team morale was down. There was no proper follow-up of customer queries and at the end of the month we reached 18 against the target of 30! Our regional manager suggested we cut jobs and reduce team incentives. The next day, I summoned a team meeting to inform them about the RM’s suggestions. We fired two people, hired another two, promoted one as team leader, carried out daily follow-ups, customer demos, contractor trainings and finally ended the month with 54 sites — largest in our branch’s history!

Take tough decisions fast

Recently, we had to let go of a team member due to lack of performance. The decision was taken fast and communicated directly to the concerned person to avoid confusion. Tough decisions should executed in a manner that will not affect the morale of others. Entrepreneurs cannot be diplomatic all the time.

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Technology Entrepreneurship

Technology Entrepreneurship

Nurture Talent Academy

India’s 1st Training Institute for Entrepreneurs



National Technology Entrepreneurship Training program

Are you bored from robotics/hacking?

Are you looking for internship in top startups?

Do you want to build your ideas in real prototypes?

Do you want to meet great and successful entrepreneurs?

Do you want to learn real skills of starting a business of your own?

    Do you have the passion to  create next  Facebook, Google, Instagram, TCS, Infosys etc ?

Nurture Talent Academy, India’s 1st institute for training entrepreneurs. After training 10000+ students, professionals and startups in 65+ cities through 200+ training programs since 2010. We have designed a unique week long training programs “TECHPRENEURS” for CSE, IT and Tech Professionals. This summer we are launching TECHPRENEURS – National Technology Entrepreneurship Training program. Internet and Mobile has changed the world in a big way and have created a number of millionaires in the past decade and even a few billionaires like Google, Facebook, yahoo, Inmobi, Flipkart, etc. Thanks to the internet and mobile, the world has now shrunk and the boundaries have evaporated. We believe in our country and the people, there is tremendous potential for Technology companies and Startups who are solving some key problems of the societies with the help of technology, internet and mobile. Therefore, this summer we are launching India’s first training program to train and mentor Technology students and professionals with the help of Industry veterans and entrepreneurs with the sole aim of creating and enabling 1000 entrepreneurs to start up in next 5 years.


DAY 1:- Technology Entrepreneurship – Idea to Execution

DAY 2:- The Essential Web Development Skills & Advance Database Management

DAY 3:- Content Management Systems, Hacking Word press and How to build rapid Prototypes without knowing much technical language

DAY 4&5:- Shape your IDEA/startup in 60hrs with mentors

DAY 6:-    Finance and Marketing

DAY 7:- The Pitch/ Presentation day

Key Benefit

This program will definitely prove to be a life changing experience for many of the students who plan on attending it as it essentially equips them with some real world software skills as well as the latest trends in technology. While the students are made aware of what is going on in this world, we are going to teach them EXACTLY what it takes to build world class internet products and essentials of building world changing web applications. The Key benefits are:-

1.      It will teach the students all that is necessary to build world class Internet Products or websites.

2.      It will teach the students all that is essential to build any web application.

3.      It will promote entrepreneurship.

4.      In short, this program will make your students industry and Entrepreneurial ready.

5.      You can learn everything from the comfort of your home.

6.      Top Students will get internships in top most startups such as Flipkart, Myntra, Inmobi pristine and many more

Training Highlights

  1. Receive an unparalleled education from Nurture talent Academy experienced experts with personal one-on-one attention.
  2. Learn and interact with one of the respected authorities.
  3. Nurture Talent Academy certification programs are recognized in the industry.    
  4. Improve your job prospects and get an edge over your counterparts and become an entrepreneur.
  5. Interactive Query sessions, Live Demos, games, PowerPoint Presentation.

Eligibility Criteria

All Computer Science/ IT /  ECE  engineering, Science, MBA, PhD students and  hobbyist who want to learn key internet technologies can attend this event.

Registration Charges

Registration Charges Rs. 4000 including taxes. The fee includes training, certification and projects for a week.

In this program, we teach you everything using powerful screen cast videos this program not only contains the videos but also has a lot of quizzes and assignments and once you are thoroughly done with the program, you should have no problems learning rapid web/mobile product development. Additionally, students will also be able to access any future videos that are added any time till the time they are students.

  • The students will be given video tutorials worth Rs 5000.
  • Top Students will get internships in top most startups such as Myntra, IXIGO, InoxApps and many more.
  • In addition, all participants will get all essential open source software’s for doing product development.
  • All participants will receive a certificate of participation.


Goals of entrepreneurs

On March 31, 2012, my venture Nurture Talent Academy reached a milestone of training 10,000 students on entrepreneurship. It was one of the most memorable moments in our company’s history — considering our first workshop two years back had one participant. The whole team was excited and exhausted at the same time. But the feeling that comes from achieving the goal is what drives an entrepreneur. Here are my suggestions for all budding entrepreneurs:

Focus on results, not actions

The aim of an entrepreneur is to achieve something for the self, for the society or for the customers. However, what actions he or she takes are just the ways to achieve the goals. Narayana Murthy did not start Infosys so he could do coding. The aim was to change the software industry using Indian talent. Dr Reddy of Apollo Hospitals aimed not to set up a hospital. His aim was to save lives!

Set large goals

Some people are afraid of thinking too big, but entrepreneurs always think about making a big difference. Traditionally, we have been told not to take big risks by our family, or not to fly too high! But in a globalised world, Indians should set large targets and think of ways to have a global reach. In the Bollywood movie Band Baaja Baaraat, Anushka Sharma’s character says, “I want to be Delhi’s, no, India’s best wedding planner.” So don’t just be the king

of your small town, but strive to spread out.

Time-bound targets

Goals without time-bound targets are wishes. It is like the government saying, ‘We will eradicate corruption.’ But when will it get done? As an entrepreneur, time is very precious. So whenever you have a goal, make it measurable and time-bound.

Celebrate achievements

An entrepreneur’s life is very stressful, and it is not glamorous all the time. In between the struggle, it is good to find time to celebrate your achievements. Go out with your family and employees to celebrate and re-energise yourself for more such parties in the future.

Article originally Published : on 07 Apr 2012

Friends – we are pleased to share that Nurture Talent Academy has reached the milestone of training 10000 students on entrepreneurship. Started in January 2010, NTA achieved this significant milestone on 31st March, 2012. Thanks for all your support and hope to continue our efforts in future.