Aditya Ajit’s Leadership experience through AIESEC Mumbai, India

Aditya Ajit, AIESEC

Aditya Ajit’s Leadership experience through AIESEC Mumbai, India

I have been a part of AIESEC Mumbai since August 2010. So far, I would describe my journey as a short yet powerful one. Before joining this organization, I was no different than any other college student – aimless, jobless, and clueless. Despite being an engineering student, I was unsure of whether that was what I wanted to do throughout my life. To me, my future looked bleak and dull.

But over the last one and a half years, thanks to AIESEC I’ve had opportunities to explore various avenues within me which has equipped me with self-belief and a skill set that will hold me in good stead through the rest of my professional life. AIESEC has acted as a perfect link between my college and professional life.

Being in this organization I’ve learnt how to manage a team of eight diverse individuals, various corporate etiquettes; how to build and develop products, various business strategies and more importantly how to sell them. It has given me immense exposure, given me an opportunity to meet various Heads of departments, CEO and CFOs of various top companies across the country while striking various deals with people who I can proudly say are in my network now. Had I gone through the traditional route of just being in college and starting off with a regular job, I would take at least 10 years to meet and interact with all these professionals I talk to on a regular basis today.

AIESEC has gotten the best and the worst of me. From a shy, clueless boy to a confident, opinionated Corporate Executive. I Thank AIESEC for what I am today.

This is why I would recommend AIESEC to any individual who wants to unlock their true potential and stand out among the rest of the crowd.

Take that one step. Join AIESEC Mumbai.

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- Aditya Ajit, Vice President External Relations, AIESEC Mumbai

Note: This article is a part of Nurture Talent’s series of posts in partnership with AIESEC Mumbai

Eepsita Gupta’s Leadership experience through

 AIESEC Mumbai, India

Eepsita Gupta AIESEC Mumbai


‘Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t.’

Apart from being the crux of – EMPOWER 2012, an event by AIESEC in Mumbai, this quote is hugely relevant for the entire experience of being the Organizing Committee President of an actual event.
At 16, from organizing an event involving students of colleges throughout the city, to being best friends with e-mails, to leading an extremely diverse team, to getting big money from sponsors, to getting the exposure a head of an organizing committee does – in corporate, social and personal fields, and to living the entire event – all YOUR efforts – in front of your eyes, is an opportunity that isn’t something you trip on every day.
Articulating the knowledge received through an experience like this, isn’t exactly what it’s known for. It’s one which is best described as – INVALUABLE.

There is one message I’d like to give to the youth today –

“We ourselves don’t know what we’re worth till we’re thrown into a pool and asked to survive without any help.

Don’t fret. Don’t think too much.

Make the most of the opportunities available to you.

Take that one step, explore and re-discover yourself

Give yourself an opportunity to falter, fall back, break down even.

That’s how learning is done! “


AIESEC in Mumbai has given me one of the busiest and most stressful 2 months of my life, but with that, it’s also given meaning to that short period of my life where I learned and developed more as an individual than in the 16 years of my life.

Thank you AIESEC!


Eepsita Gupta

Team Member

Outgoing Exchange

AIESEC Mumbai, India.


Note: This article is a part of Nurture Talent’s series of posts in partnership with AIESEC Mumbai

Vision vs reality

was having a conversation with a young entrepreneur, who was facing a dilemma in his venture. He wanted to achieve his vision of bringing objective analysis, opinions and news to his young and loyal customers, thereby enabling a change in individuals, hence the society and ultimately the country — a grand vision. But the catch is that this is barely helping him meet his expenses. There is a large team to feed — servers, office rent, travel and all that you need to keep moving. This situation is typical of 99 per cent of entrepreneurs in India. Let me share what I told the young man.

Raise capital

If the venture is not yet cash flow positive, then it is advisable to raise capital. Plenty of sources are available for raising capital including debt from banks, financial institutions, equity viz, angel investments, incubators, venture capital and grants via CSR funds, trusts, prize money from business plan competitions, etc. If you have a clear-cut business plan and a strong team to pursue it, then things are smooth. However, given the huge gap between demand and supply, it takes time to raise outside investments. Facebook managed this with right dosage of product focus, building communities and followers, while attracting investments and giving returns to venture capitalists and investors.

Add revenue

For a content website, there are lots of resources other than advertising money — including content licensing to bigger players like Yahoo! and MSN. This is a good way to continue to build your content while the sales and marketing is taken care of by others, and enables you to keep your system afloat.

Organise events

Femina makes less money by selling magazines and advertising than by organising Femina Miss India contest. Events and exhibitions give additional avenues of monetising what you have — customer loyalty is a natural brand extension strategy. However, it takes lot of bandwidth and you should be careful not to overdo it, plus it takes patience to build an event brand.

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Basically speaking NTA gave me a platform to outsource myself. It not only increased my networking strength -which is one of the many important things you require in entrepreneurship, but also was a learning platform. It was a year full of surprises and achievements. I became a part of start-up “Conscious Advisory Services (CAS)-” , launched my own venture- “Infibuck –”, and much more.

Workshop by NTA was the first event that I solely lead; it soon brought about the realization that path of entrepreneur is not at all easy.

There would no end to sharing, because what I achieved this year was amazing and unlimited, not in terms of money but in terms of experience, but I am sure these are endless too. Mr. Amit Grover was a guide that every college entrepreneur would like to have-just a call away.
Thanks NTA for giving me an opportunity to get associated with your organization and team.


Mukund Agarwal

Chief Co-ordinator

E-Cell, NIT Rourkela

M: 9438490955

Nurture Talent Academy, India’s 1st training institute for entrepreneurs is launching India’s first professional entrepreneurship training program “CEO CLUB” only for CEO’s, Founder, Co-founders and start-ups as well as passionate entrepreneurs. In this program, reputed industry partners, trainers, industry experts, VCs, successful entrepreneurs will take you through a journey of personal and professional growth.
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Nurture Talent Academy, India’s 1st institute for training entrepreneurs has designed a unique week long training program “ MechPreneur “ – Skill development and Industry Interaction Internship program for Mechanical/Automobile/ Production engineering students. This summer we are launching our Skill development program for Mechanical/Automobile/ production engineering and MBA students with reputed industry partners and trainers from HONDA, HYUNDAI, MARUTI, NISSAN, IIT Mumbai, IIT Delhi, Mahindra, NTPC etc. who wants to help students and professionals to indentify the problems of various big industries and create business opportunity by solving those problems for students from mechanical/automotive/production Engineering. The training will take place in Chennai, Coimbatore and Mysore only.
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Nurture Talent Academy today announced its series of workshops named Techpreneur to impart entrepreneurship and technology skills among Indian students. The program will be held for one week each in four cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Venture capitalists, angel investors and successful entrepreneurs will be invited as experts for the program.

The aim is to train students on the basics ofbusiness plan and starting a technology venture. Each session will be having interactive exercises,business plan templates and dialogue with experienced experts. Amit Grover, Founder of Nurture Talent said, “In 2 years of my journey as an entrepreneur, I have seen the potential of Indian students closely. Given the right information, awareness and knowledge, they can do wonders and achieve their dreams at an early age. They have the potential to creat the next Apple, Facebook or Instagram”. Nurture Talent has conducted over 200 workshops across 68 cities attended by over 10000 students, professionals and entrepreneurs.

The objective of Techpreneur is to motivate the students to solve the key problems, generate ideas and build small prototype during the programs and train the students to take up entrepreneurship as a career option. This will also help students to learn how to make rapid prototypes, LEAN STARTUPmethodology, mentoring on ideas, making minimum viable product during the program itself. The best students will get one month Internship opportunities in startups like Ixigo, Myntra, Pristine and many more startups across India. For more details, you can visit this link


Saying no to customers

At a Nurture Talent webinar two weeks ago, a participant raised the query, “How to say no to customers?”. In my experiences with 10,000+ Indian entrepreneurs, I have felt that we find it very tough to say no to people, reject proposals, negotiate hard or give up something. In some ways it works in our favour and helps in keeping existing business or getting new ones. But in many other situations, it leads to loss of profits, or in extreme situations, closure of the company. Let us see in what ways can entrepreneurs say no to customers:

Request to get back

When you have to say no, it is best to request for more time and revert with a thoughtful response highlighting your reasons for the reply. It leads to cooling off at both your and the customer’s end.

Need partner’s consent

There may be a situation where you have to avoid a certain customer (for example, your product is not ready yet). Instead of saying no or giving false promises, you can put it as a decision that would require your partner’s consent.

Use email or sms

If you cannot say no to the customer face-to-face, then use digital media. You can use email or sms to send the message that your products or services are of value and cannot be made available for free.

Give choices

When you give choices to customers, you give choices to yourself. If you do not have a product that customers need, refer your competitor or some other vendor and gain loyalty of your customers. Next time before they close a deal with your competitor, they will take your reference!

Offer freebies

We have seen various pricing strategies, like free gifts along with silver, platinum and gold packages. This kind of strategy helps you segment customers and allows you to put a price to your product/services. It is important to keep upgrading your customers as you grow. Remember, your character is built by taking sides, not by being in the middle.

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