Aditya Ajit’s Leadership experience through AIESEC Mumbai, India

Aditya Ajit, AIESEC

Aditya Ajit’s Leadership experience through AIESEC Mumbai, India

I have been a part of AIESEC Mumbai since August 2010. So far, I would describe my journey as a short yet powerful one. Before joining this organization, I was no different than any other college student – aimless, jobless, and clueless. Despite being an engineering student, I was unsure of whether that was what I wanted to do throughout my life. To me, my future looked bleak and dull.

But over the last one and a half years, thanks to AIESEC I’ve had opportunities to explore various avenues within me which has equipped me with self-belief and a skill set that will hold me in good stead through the rest of my professional life. AIESEC has acted as a perfect link between my college and professional life.

Being in this organization I’ve learnt how to manage a team of eight diverse individuals, various corporate etiquettes; how to build and develop products, various business strategies and more importantly how to sell them. It has given me immense exposure, given me an opportunity to meet various Heads of departments, CEO and CFOs of various top companies across the country while striking various deals with people who I can proudly say are in my network now. Had I gone through the traditional route of just being in college and starting off with a regular job, I would take at least 10 years to meet and interact with all these professionals I talk to on a regular basis today.

AIESEC has gotten the best and the worst of me. From a shy, clueless boy to a confident, opinionated Corporate Executive. I Thank AIESEC for what I am today.

This is why I would recommend AIESEC to any individual who wants to unlock their true potential and stand out among the rest of the crowd.

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- Aditya Ajit, Vice President External Relations, AIESEC Mumbai

Note: This article is a part of Nurture Talent’s series of posts in partnership with AIESEC Mumbai

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