Eepsita Gupta’s Leadership experience through AIESEC Mumbai, India

Eepsita Gupta’s Leadership experience through

 AIESEC Mumbai, India

Eepsita Gupta AIESEC Mumbai


‘Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t.’

Apart from being the crux of – EMPOWER 2012, an event by AIESEC in Mumbai, this quote is hugely relevant for the entire experience of being the Organizing Committee President of an actual event.
At 16, from organizing an event involving students of colleges throughout the city, to being best friends with e-mails, to leading an extremely diverse team, to getting big money from sponsors, to getting the exposure a head of an organizing committee does – in corporate, social and personal fields, and to living the entire event – all YOUR efforts – in front of your eyes, is an opportunity that isn’t something you trip on every day.
Articulating the knowledge received through an experience like this, isn’t exactly what it’s known for. It’s one which is best described as – INVALUABLE.

There is one message I’d like to give to the youth today –

“We ourselves don’t know what we’re worth till we’re thrown into a pool and asked to survive without any help.

Don’t fret. Don’t think too much.

Make the most of the opportunities available to you.

Take that one step, explore and re-discover yourself

Give yourself an opportunity to falter, fall back, break down even.

That’s how learning is done! “


AIESEC in Mumbai has given me one of the busiest and most stressful 2 months of my life, but with that, it’s also given meaning to that short period of my life where I learned and developed more as an individual than in the 16 years of my life.

Thank you AIESEC!


Eepsita Gupta

Team Member

Outgoing Exchange

AIESEC Mumbai, India.


Note: This article is a part of Nurture Talent’s series of posts in partnership with AIESEC Mumbai

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