Nurture Talent and Confluence – Business Summit of IIM Ahmedabad present Entrepreneurship Workshops

The best investment you can make is in yourself! Entrepreneurs know this fact well, and are ever-willing to risk all that they have to change the world. To further this spirit of entrepreneurship among students across India, Nurture Talent Academy in association with Confluence – International Business Summit of IIM Ahmedabad, is conducting a series of workshops titled “Idea to Execution”. The 2-day training sessions will be held across 50 colleges during August and September, and students will get a chance to learn how to generate ideas, make business plans, starting a venture, managing finance and launching their products in market followed by taking part in Masterplan Business Plan Contest. The Grand Finale of Masterplan will be held at IIM Ahmedabad from 30 November – 2 December 2012.

Amit Grover, Founder of Nurture Talent Academy, who is himself an IIT – IIM alumnus said, “We aim to give participating students a real experience on entrepreneurship, through practical, live and interactive workshops. They will be able to learn in teams and also get a chance to interact with successful entrepreneurs and investors, while giving shape to their ideas.”
Confluence team aims to make Masterplan, business plan contest of Confluence, a grand event with a vision to have a significant impact on the entrepreneurship eco-system in India. The shortlisted teams will get a chance to win cash prizes, receive media recognition and coverage, attracting investors and incubation opportunities. The theme for this year’s Confluence is ‘Changing Winds; New Paradigms for leadership’. Promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among young minds is one of the focus areas this year.

About Confluence – International Business Summit of IIM Ahmedabad

Confluence, held in November every year, is one of the largest international business summits in Asia hosted by a B-School. Each year during Confluence, the campus is host to several eminent speakers from the industry and academia including the likes of Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Lord Meghnath Desai, Kiran Karnik, Dr. Rakesh Sharma, JM Lyngdoh and Prof. Dipak Jain among others.

About Masterplan – Flagship Business Plan Contest of Confluence

Masterplan, the flagship event of Confluence, is arguably the biggest business plan contest in the Indian sub-continent. Masterplan aims to provide a supreme platform to bring young entrepreneur’s ideas to the world. Over the years, Masterplan has sought to bring to fore business ideas from diverse fields. Carrying the tradition forward, Masterplan-2012 will endeavor to scout innovative yet practicable ideas shaped into implementable business plans from across the country.

About Nurture Talent Academy

Nurture Talent Academy is India’s 1st institute for training entrepreneurs. Founded by Amit Grover, an IIT-IIM alumnus, it has trained over 10000+ students, professionals and startups across 68 cities. The company’s objective is to enable 1000 ventures to start and generate 20000 jobs in next 3-5 years. Registration link is available on

India is pregnant with entrepreneurial ventures, and it is the women that are leading the charge into the future. Nobody can deny the role that Anu Aga played in Thermax, or Kiran Shaw in Biocon, or even Sudha Murthy for building Infosys.  Also, Ekta Kapoor, who makes millions cry in emotions through her ‘K’ serials! Add to that the millions of unknown hands and hearts that make Lijjat Papad and Amul household names.

While there is need for lot more to be done, there are a few organizations that are leading the way in recognizing and supporting women entrepreneurs. Leading among them are few corporates like ITC, which has come up with a unique award to honor women who have not only shaped their own destiny but have left an indelible mark on the lives of others. It has recently launched Vivel Active Fair Awards, which celebrates the journey of courage and passion of the modern Indian Women, women who have shed their inhibitions to pursue their dreams. Vivel Active Fair is honoring these extraordinary women for being that change and making a difference. All you have to do is nominate yourself/her for the Vivel Active fair ‘Choo Lo Aasmaan’ Awards. The winner gets a chance to win Rs 1 Lakh and assured gift hampers.

You can find more information about the awards and the Facebook app on the links mentioned below.

Other organizations and initiatives include:

1. TIE, a not-for-profit network of entrepreneurs is also continuously working to bring together enterprising women through its TIE Stree Shakti initiative. They have regular networking sessions for women entrepreneurs to come together and share their knowledge for mutual benefit.

2. FICCI has a dedicated wing for women entrepreneurs named as FLO – FICCI Ladies Organization. It is a broad-based forum comprising both early stage and established entrepreneurs who work towards policy initiatives, knowledge sharing and networking.

3. National Entrepreneurs Network (NEN) also has various programs for women, specially focused on mentoring and capacity building across India. They also conduct regular Management Development Programs and train-the-trainers session to improve the skills related to business.

4. Cherie Blair Foundation for Women is also active in India for promoting women entrepreneurs, and ably supported by the most renowned activists across the world. Cherie Blair, better half of UK’s ex-prime minister, Tony Blair, personally leads the initiative.

5. Goldman Sachs, one of the largest banks in the world, also runs a training initiative which aims to help over 10000 women entrepreneurs grow their business, for which they have partners like ISB, Hyderabad. The participation fees are nominal and refunded after successful completion of the sessions.

The objective of highlighting these initiatives is that we make the full use of existing resources and encourage new ones so that the entire eco-system grows, ultimately helping Nurture Talent achieve its aim of enabling 1000 entrepreneurs who will create 20000 jobs. That time is not far away!

Handling a team

For 2.5 years, Nurture Talent Academy (NTA) has been training students on entrepreneurship, and I have learned and shared new experiences with you regularly. We recently expanded our team, launched a new office and now have five people in Delhi, one in Chandigarh, one in Erode and myself in Mumbai. I would like to share below my views about handling a multi-location team:

Induction is important

When I had joined Infosys 11 years back, we had a full-week induction programme that focused on vision, values and ethics of the company. That memory is still fresh in my mind — we called it C-LIFE (which stood for Customers, Leadership, Integrity, Fairness and Excellence). When it comes to NTA, we share our vision with every new employee, and ensure they remember it by heart. The induction starts even before joining, as we ask them to attend entrepreneurship events, read blogs on startups and imbibe the startup culture. Once this is done, your venture’s culture is set in every new person and they make sure it gets passed down further.

Keeping in touch

With email, mobile, dropbox, chat and social networking, the world has become connected. What it takes is an internal desire to stay in touch with people. Remember that talking and communicating are two different things.

Reward achievements

With a team that cannot share moments of love and pain with you, it is important to reward achievements even if little, and few times overlook the mistakes. People are sensitive and whereas it is easy to appreciate or reprimand someone face to face, it becomes tricky over the phone or email, as things can be taken in a negative way.

Office discipline

It is tough to keep a check on every minute activity — when a person comes to office, is he wasting time on the net, etc. It is best to focus on results and drive performance rather than be a timekeeper n

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Entrepreneurial visions for India

Extracurricular, co-curricular and curricular — that is how you define the trajectory of any new area of education. At Nurture Talent Academy, I am seeing this vision, which will define the journey of entrepreneurship in education. More and more students are taking up entrepreneurship as a serious career option, and will continue to do so as India progresses. Our colleges, teachers and students are defining, building and living the future — all at the same time. Let us understand this vision and how it will grow in my view.


Twenty years back, software was seen as a fashionable course. IITs were (and are!) the big brands in education, and then slowly NIIT emerged in the area of software training. Students started joining part-time or vacation courses on software development, hoping to add something extra to their resumes.


The success of NIITs and Aptechs of the world gave way to several others, including Jetking and St Angelo. Every corner suddenly saw the mushrooming of software training centres. Software skills started getting counted as essential and colleges began to offer ‘elective’ courses on software-related subjects. Y2K happened at the same time, which brought software skills into the limelight.


Today, software has become a part of compulsory subjects, whether it is an engineering or science student. It is like English, maths and science. Companies do not see it as something extra that a student has learnt but as a filter criteria to reject those who are not computer-proficient.

This transition of 0 to 100 per cent mind-share for a certain area in education has happened within our lifetime and it is impossible to reverse or decline. Entrepreneurship is seen today as a fashion, buzz or an exciting new subject and my vision is to create 1,000 ventures that will generate 20,000 jobs in three-five years.

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