Cut the rope

Cut the rope

You cannot be an entrepreneur if you do not cut the ropes. If you are wondering what I am talking about, then watch the latest Batman movie, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. It is an engrossing story about how the hero overcomes his own fears to defeat the villain. For entrepreneurs, the battle is not outside, it is inside.

A leap is what it takes

In the movie, there is a scene where the hero, Batman, is thrown in a deep well, which is a prison that no one has come out of except a child. It requires immense physical strength to climb a huge wall and then take a leap to get out. Hundreds of prisoners tried getting out earlier, and for the failure of falling while taking the last leap, they always used to tie a rope around their waist, so that they will at least save their lives in case they are not able to catch the top in their final leap. Our hero also ties a rope and starts climbing. All other prisoners and our audience look in awe as he reaches nearly to the top, but while taking the last leap, he falls down, only to be saved by the rope.

Cut the rope

Cut to the next scene, our hero decides to cut the rope around his waist. He climbs the huge wall, while knowing well that any false step will be his last. He reaches near the top, takes a look at the distance ahead, readies for jump, leaps, and… yes, this time he makes it out of the prison with his last leap.

Secret of success

The only child who had crossed the wall earlier had done it out of fear – no backup, no plan B, no support, no second option. And Batman, our Hero, also makes it only when he decides to cut the rope – that is the secret of success of entrepreneurs. They cut all ropes that bind them – a monthly salary, regular incomes, club memberships, weekly holidays, social/comfortable lives etc, and then take a jump. If you keep thinking that these ropes will save you if you fail in your business, then you do not take that effort required or stretch yourself to your true potential.

So go ahead, leap for your love! Be what you want to be!

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