My Internship Experience with Nurture Talent – By Nupur Gupta

Nurture Talent Academy

It has been one month in Nurture talent academy and every day was a lesson in which we learnt new practical things. I was the first intern to join the NTA, during my first week of internship all my seniors made so comfortable that I didn’t felt it’s my first working experience with them. When all interns joined NTA we were asked to prepare for the next event which was TECHUNT JUNIOR and we talked to around 60 parents and students over phone daily. During this Time we learned how to talk to different persons, how to convince them to come for the event, answering their weird questions and many more things. We were given daily targets which we always try to achieve and this helped us to learn that setting targets and achieving them makes us happy so we should always have targets in life and we must always try to achieve to be happy in life. There was a point when I was totally disappoint when there was no registration for the camp from my side but my NTA seniors and Amit Sir  encouraged me  that this is the fact of life. One day U may achieve everything but another day u may not so keep working hard no matter what happens.

At the end of the month we had a successful camp at IIT  Delhi, we met parents and students to whom we talked  over phone. The camp at IIT Delhi was great experience to learn and also we had fun there.

Here we just not work all the time we also spend quality time here with our seniors and we interns also share a good time with each other. We don’t have so much work load here and the environment is so light and polite. It’s a great experience working here with NTA. J

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Nupur Gupta is pursuing bachelor’s degree in Economics Honors from Hansraj college. She is interested in learning new and different things in all the fields of organization.

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Amit Grover, founder of, is an IIT Delhi and IIM Indore alumnus, having more than 12 years of industry experience. He started Nurture Talent Academy, and earlier worked with Infosys, Asian Paints, Onida and Mumbai Angels. He regularly blogs on AHA Taxis, his recent venture, offers one way outstation travel across India.


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