5 ways to get a job in a startup

5 ways to get a job in a startup

Our startup, Nurture Talent is growing and last week we held 80 job interviews to hire people for business development, sales and marketing roles. Surprisingly, the students who cleared our selection process were not the ones with degrees but the ones with energy. Getting a job in a startup is different from that in large organisations and MNCs. If you want to be part of a small company, here are some tips:

Be flexible

Startups have one thing in common — there is lot of work, and everybody does everything. If you are looking for a process-oriented job, with documents on how to do it, and timings from 9 am to 5 pm, then you are not cut out for startups. You may have to meet clients, write blogs, make presentations, write software, organise events — all in a day’s work.

Understand the culture

A startup is highly founder driven — it is their vision, passion and ideas that drive the company. If your personality or wavelength does not match with the founders of a startup, then you will not clear the interview and even if you do, the work environment and startup culture will not suit you. So read about the founders, learn about the company’s culture to know more.

Be open to a low fixed and high variable salary

Startups do not have standard packages, and they do not go by norms for salaries. For example, a fresher engineer/MBA gets `10-25,000 per month during training in companies like Infosys and Wipro. In a startup, they can make anywhere from `5-50,000 per month, but it will be based on performance and achievements. Some startups also offer stock options.

Work part-time or intern

Best way to prove your worth to a startup is to work for them part time or as an intern. Nurture Talent took in eight interns this summer, they were an integral part of the team and had a great time.

Start your own venture in college

Startups love people who have been entrepreneurs in the past — even if it was small, failed or a single person team. What matters is what you did and what you learned. If you have applied that knowledge from college and utilised the time in college, then you stand a far better chance of getting a job!

Article originally Published in : http://newindianexpress.com/education/edex/5-ways-to-get-a-job-in-a-startup/2013/08/26/article1748073.ece

Believe Yourself!!

Believing at your potential and fight against the risk is the main quality of an entrepreneur. The underlying is a story of such an emerging entrepreneur.

Team Creatiosoft

This is a story about a person who had completed his post graduation at IIT delhi. He was always looking for an idea for his startup since it was his sole dream. Being an avid reader and net surfer, everyday new ideas keeps on coming in his mind but due to some reasons they all get scrapped up. Then finally, it was the month of November,2011 when he bought  an android OS based mobile, and guess what , he got exhilarated by the mobile applications. Being a Computer Engineer,he decided to make some applications of his own and after careful analysis of the business prospects in this field, he decided to quit his job and start something of his own.  He called two of his friends (Yogendra Pratap Singh,B.tech in IT branch from JSS College,2009 Batch and Rishabh Agrawal, B.Tech in ECE from College of Engineering, Science and Technology, Lucknow,2011 Batch) who were also entrepreneurship crazy , and their first reaction for this idea was “Its time to start” , and thus the seeds for CreatioSoft (android apps development firm) were laid down in month of December.

He was always in search of opportunity and when an opportunity came along with the right persons, there was no sense in letting it go.

The main idea of CreatioSoft is expressed in its tagline “We Create Different”. At the moment their main focus is on the development of innovative and useful applications for android based smartphones. As said that “Anything worth doing is not simple”. Our story has been the same. The biggest challenge that they faced was of funding. Since they had spent very few months in the job there was not much funds available. Somehow, they managed with their savings and with the help of friends and started with the company of  dreams. Since the start, there has been no looking back and they are growing rapidly. At the moment, they are not facing any difficulties as such but since their aim is to create a company on global level,  difficult road is lying ahead. In the next five years, they see their venture to be a leading mobile applications development company in the world in all the four fields (Android, Blackberry, Windows and IPhone) with many branches throughout India and two or three outside of India as well. Also, they aims in developing a platform at providing the opportunities to energetic youths belonging to rural areas of India in the field of mobile applications development.

they always consider themselves lucky since they got a lot of support from our family and friends. they feel that in the developing country like ours there shall be more encouragement given to youths who are looking for entrepreneurship rather than just forcing them into jobs.

Since they all are from non MBA backgrounds, thus they believe there were lots of apprehensions about their abilities but as Rashmi Bansal depicted in her novel “Connect the Dots”, we do not require an MBA degree to be successful in the field of entrepreneurship. At the end of the day, what matters in the knowledge and not the degree.  It does not matter at all that whether one is achieve from IITs or IIMs if one has the courage to achieve his dreams and rise above the dogmas of the society.

According to them Both the things “Great Idea” and a “Great team” is required for a venture but they believed that a great team is far more important because a great team can even make a simple idea great but the opposite in not true. At the end, they wished to say to all the aspiring entrepreneurs that” never let your dreams die, it is your dream and thus you have the responsibility to convert it into reality. So whatever idea you are having, analyze it, gather a team, Just go with it. Do not be afraid of failures since “only those learn to swim in the sea who has the courage to leave the shore”. Also, it is very important to understand people and their feelings since to be a great entrepreneur you need a great team, and to have a great team you must be good at appreciating people. “


Given the rise of tablet/mobile usage in the enterprise teams (especially sales force), CloudPact has a big opportunity ahead. Highly driven and passionate tech entrepreneur, Vignesh Swaminathan, one of the founders of CloudPact, is sharing the success story of their Mobile Enterprise Application Platform for the Indian Market. (Edited Excerpts):


Where are you based? How big is CloudPact team?                                    
We are based in Hyderabad, presently we are now a team of 12 and slowly growing.

What was the influential factor in establishing your company?
I was initially in the software industry and in the process of 10 years I slowly got into administration side from being a programmer, during my time in that department I acknowledged that there were lack of Enterprise applications due to which there was lot of ambiguity in decisions and time consumption. As you know that time is money in today’s world and so, in order to reduce that wastage I along with my co-founders got an idea to start a new company which would help organizations do their work more efficiently and quickly.

Decision making made mobile; Can you tell us in detail how you enable this using CloudPact?
Any enterprise is as agile as its ability to take decisions and execute them quickly. Mobile enterprise workers have always had the problem of being away from their enterprise system when they are on the road. Here comes the use of our software i.e. Mowbly which solves this problem by giving you the complete task flow capabilities to help your mobile workforce stay connected to your enterprise.

Vignesh, can you tell us about the technology used to build the platform?
We had to create a new website and store its whole information in our database and which we thought would be more time consuming and costly, so in order to decrease those difficulties we thought of using Google App Engine which offers user the ability to build and host web applications on Google Infrastructure. For the mobile run-time we use device specific technologies as there are no alternatives.

Please tell us in detail about the features and benefits of using CloudPact software.
CloudPact helps its customers to achieve enterprise mobility using their existing IT team through a unique solution which decreases the turnaround time by as much as 75%. It is an enterprise app publisher coupled with a powerful Cloud based IDE with complete team development support.

Features of cross platform mobile app are:

  • Task flows to enable quick decision making with states and escalation built in.
  • Native mobile UI widgets: CloudPact provides out-of-box mobile UI look and feel, window task management and a full set of mobile UI widgets to help your team deliver the right mobile UI experience for your users.
  • Device integrated widgets to leverage phone features such as camera, contacts, file system etc.
  • Flight mode smart to ensure users can conduct business irrespective of their mobile connection.
    The key here is the ability to deal with the fact that mobile workers need not necessarily always be online. They might be on a flight or the data connectivity can drop, then it is not possible to connect to enterprise systems. They should be able to get their work done in spite of these situations. CloudPact makes this possible by giving you hassle free offline data support which allows offline transactions and automatic data synchronization, when the user comes online.
  • Secure around the clock with data protection, secure connections and remote data wipe.
  • Window task management to make mobile app development easy and productive.
  • Smooth enterprise connectivity.
    CloudPact helps enterprise programmers to connect to their enterprise systems using standard web service technology by providing the right tools to achieve web service connectivity.
  • Cloud Development environment with complete DTP application life cycle management and team development.

CloudPact comes enabled with complete app life cycle management across development, testing and production deployment. Each cloud developer is able to work in a completely isolated DTP environment as an individual developer, for an integrated test environment and finally for production deployment. 

Tell us about the native mobile UI widgets that you offer.
We offer a range of native mobile UI widgets, the primary among them are the contact widget (binds enterprise data to phone contacts, adds, calls, messages, emails them on demand), the camera widget (binds the phone’s camera to shoot and transfer image data in business transactions), the attachment widget (binds the phone’s file system to attach files and images in business transactions), the location tracker (binds the phone’s location to business transactions, uses GPS, Network triangulation or wifi hotspot to determined location). Other than this, we have API’s covering Contacts, Files, Database, Location, Messaging, Camera etc.

What is on-premise enterprise & Cloud models & how do they differ?
CloudPact offers two models of deployment, the on-premise enterprise model (Empact model) and the cloud model. The essential difference between these two models is where the development, deployment and administration of the published apps resides. The complete stack runs out of the CloudPact infrastructure in the cloud model, and inside the enterprise IT infrastructure in the enterprise model. The cloud model is based on user license and the enterprise model is based on server license.

How many users have signed up for the free trail? How has the response been so far?
We have more than 500 users presently using our community edition. Launched in late April 2013.

We have started increasing our marketing pace since last year and with every campaign we are adding a few more users. We are holding back from completely throwing open the platform, as CloudPact focuses more on enterprise apps. We will do that under a different brand name targeting apps in the consumer space soon.

Which kind of companies can implement your application for their uses?
Our product can be used in various industries such as automotive, telecom, construction, banking, sales force, healthcare and many more. For details in depth and how you can implement these can be seen here http://www.mowbly.com/enterprise-mobility-solutions.

Can you tell us about some of the apps that have already been built using CloudPact?
As of today we have developed apps in the manufacturing, banking and GIS space. All these engagements are for the on-premise enterprise license.


How does the pricing model work?

ð  For individuals, there is the community edition, all the development features and tools are available for free. The projects will be visible to everyone in the community. The pricing comes in when the individuals want to have a number of private projects.

ð  For and enterprise, all development, deployment, analytic and monitoring features and tools are available with support. The subscription license is based on the number of user the project is targeted towards. For more details you can see this http://www.mowbly.com/#pricing.

How big is the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform market?
Mobile Enterprise Application Platform market quite huge and as of now it’s over $5 billion worldwide.

What is the amount of market share your company is holding right now in the industry?
Slowly and steadily we are increasing our market share and presently doing projects nearby i.e. Hyderabad, as of now we are holding a fair amount of market share even though we are startups and I can assure you that in the days to come we definitely have bright future.

Can you tell about partners work in helping your organization?
We have strategic partnerships with other providers. Collaborating with them has helped us reach wider viewpoints which is helping us gain more and more market.

How do plan to market CloudPact going forward?
We will kick off our full steamed marketing campaign after gaining initial customer traction. Currently, we are making our presence in key mobile events around India. We are focused on gaining word of mouth publicity by establishing customers in key verticals.


What are the biggest challenges you face as one of the early players in this space and who are your counterparts in this space?
The key challenges that we face today are visibility, awareness and outreach. In India there are many challengers but most important of them all is IBM.

Can you tell us few awards/accolades your company has received so far?
We have numerous accolades in our industry and peers.

  • We have been recognized as one of top five cloud startups out of 110 participants in Cloud Conclave 2011 awarded by Dr.Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon.com.
  • One of the Top 8 Companies of India to participate in the CIO Strategy Exchange showcase organized by Product Nation.
  • Appnomy 2011 organized by PluggedIn adjudged Cloudpact as one of the top 10 mobile apps of the year.
  • vignesh                                   image : Cloudpact team along with members who visited their company



-An interview by starprenuer Kanchi Arora

Student Almanac is a company of three very keen and passionate youngsters, two of which are IIT-roorkee alumni, who work wholeheartedly to make their startup a success. These people do not care about profits, all they aim for is to capture the market. These young individuals put all their heart, mind and soul to bloom and prosper. They are primarily into Internet services and solutions.They provide ERP (Enterprise resource planning) Software’s which are designed to automate all the internal and external processes of an institution and also help in improving communication among Parents, Students, Teachers, Management, and Alumni. Their basic product “Channel-S” is a comprehensive web-based Automation and Management Software which can be accessed from anywhere and has been designed specifically for educational institutes to ensure smooth administration and management of various activities.

I talked to Mr. Anand Agarwal and Mr. Divij Goyal and was unfortunate to not find Mr. Suchit Dinodia as he was out for some work.


Kanchi: Will you please enlighten me about your history? Your schooling and graduation?

Anand: I did my schooling from Kota and graduated from IIT, roorkee where I met Divij. He was this really enthusiastic person was mad about going towards business. He was never the kind of guy who would sit for long office hours infront of computers typing madly. He always wanted to be his own boss. So we would bunk classes and sit in the gardens thinking, “ yaar kuch toh karna hi hai”. It was in the third year that we were serious about our lives and the future. Graduation was over and we got our jobs. Jobs used to be hectic. At the beginning I used to enjoy working but later on my boss resigned and that was when I too thought of quitting the job as the new boss was pretty audacious.

Divij: I have always been into entrepreneurship if that’s what you call it. From the beginning I had this zeal of starting something of my own. I have made money in college selling a few things and all. But it was during the last year of my college when I had this idea of this product. So, pissed off with my job, I left it and took my first step towards the startup.

Kanchi: Nowadays, if we start our business, we usually look to solve somebody’s problem. Take for instance, Map my India was made to facilitate navigating in a country like india which has innumerable villages. So what was the gap you thought of bridging with your product “channel-S”?

Divij: See,we have a pretty bad management system at schools. People don’t want to work, its hectic for the teachers to fill the new CCE report cards, there is a file for every student and there is so much paper work that anybody would get mad. So,Channel-S is a web based portal which helps in maintaining school’s operation like admissions, student records, attendance reports,online test, examination reports, payroll, library operations and many more. This saves time, money, paper work and efforts getting the best results.


Kanchi: can you describe the phase where you left your job and were working on the start up? What were the pressures?


Anand: I travelled, you know. I went far, asking people, collecting data, and to be honest, I really enjoyed that phase. It took us 8 months to develop the software and everything. We hired a technical person and the thing went really smooth. But the biggest pressure comes from family.when the aunties in your neighbourhood ask,” why did you leave the job,son? What was wrong? That was a good job you were paid well.” And I used to answer, I am starting my own business, they would tell me that I am risking a lot and I shouldn’t do it but as we know when we want something really desperately the whole universe conspires to get it for you. I never lose hope and let me tell you, I am really happy doing this.


Kanchi: what are the other problems that you face except for societal pressures?


Anand: Finance is a huge problem. We are a startup, we have not taken money from VCs. We are using the savings from our job but then again being together is the biggest strength. We arrange for the money somehow, go to the clients and convince them to buy our product and luckily we are getting good feedbacks.


Kanchi: What were your biggest hurdles till date? And how did you overcome them?

Anand: To convince a person to buy a product is, I think, a very troublesome and a crucial job. Indians are so resistive to change. They wont try you, they would stick to their traditional ways and that’s where the problem begins. They give you false hopes, they discourage you and that is never ending. we try giving them demos and free versions just for them to use and try. We convince them that this is a far better way of maintaining records. You wont imagine, we speak a lot in the meetings.

Kanchi: What is the idea right now? You said you are not concentrating on profits, Why is that?

Anand: Kanchi, we are still a startup. We just need people to use our product and see how efficient it is. It is super flexible because all the coding part and all is being done by us, so anything could be added or omitted. We want to change the traditional rules, want to pull people into the techno-world and want to make them realize how easily computer gets work done for us. Profits is secondary. We are fine with the expenses getting covered for now.

Kanchi: what is the bigger picture in yourhead? Where do you see your startup in a span of five years.?

Anand: We would be known. Have an identity in the market, hopefully. Lets see.
Divij: I would want to start earning profits although we are not impatient but I guess I would be expecting minimum profits.

Kanchi: what advice would you give to the young entreprenuers?

Anand: Never ever lose hope. I strongly believe where there is a will, there has to be a way. Don’t get disheartended, people might not support you. Just be cool.

Divij: Stick to your Idea. If you don’t respect it, do not expect respect someone else too. Your idea is your key. Do not let yourself down by giving up, work hard for it.
Kanchi: Thank you so much Mr. Anand and Mr. Divij. A very good luck for your future. It was a pleasure talking to you.




anand suchit


Mr. Anand Agarwal                             Mr. Divij Goyal        Mr. Suchit Dinodia


Anecdote of manohara plastics


rajasekharreddy  ,name not known to many before he start  company manohara ,the plastics India ltd.  Started in 2012with a investment of 11.5lakhs .he completed only intermediate. He had been thinking to start a business from his tenth class onwards. He collected information about all the businesses .Realizing the demand for plastic utensils he wants to start a plastic manufacturing industry. He collected information about it . He visited two industries .he estimated the cost for machinery. He has no problem for land. He was sanctioned loan and started business in a span of three months , 15days.started production with six persons and sent samples to various retailer .later he got many feedbacks about the product . He, with the help of a technician identified that problems .and again  started production this time retailers happy with the products. Man power of the company increase to sixty after a year. For some day production was smooth .later, some problems arises with machinery .he appointed a permanent technician. After two years turnover becomes 25 lakhs.

After five years he is expecting his business to cross half a crore margin. He advised the starterpreneurs to be clear about what you want to start .ponder over it for a long time keeping in mind that how our business after a couple of years. He also suggested to be honest in business.


- Manoj





2When the CEO of a successful jewellery production unit, Shri Sunil Srivastava decides to

chuck up a twenty-five year career in dealing with gems and precious metals, one wonders

about what would be the glittering option that would lure him away on an uncharted,

untried path. How absurd would a cake and pastry outlet sound? It was exactly this that

Christabel and Sunil Srivastava set out to establish in Panaji, Goa, empowering themselves

with the belief that ‘McDonald is the American CaraSid’, so as to be better than the best.

Pooja Sharma brings to you an exclusive interview from a fresh insight of a small business

that explores potential of Indian Management practice through- Jugaad Innovation!

(I had the privilege of having Mrs. & Mr. Srivastava at my college, GIM itself. That is when

the whole interaction took place.)

Q. Tell us about your history?

Carasid was born out of a blue ocean. Christabel was a nutritionist and a gourmand,

supplied brownies to a multitude of posh restaurants in Mumbai. The growing culture

of consumption of confectionaries and the demand and appreciation of the same led

the Srivastavas to move from the role of a supply-unit to a full-fledged, customized and

organized entrepreneurial unit. Mr. Shrivastava, who was leading the jewellery business in

India, considered resigning from his prestigious position and assumed the role of a founding

father of a budding organization, which, consistent to his plans, became a culture, a habit

and a legend for the Goans and the tourists of Goa from around the world. Carasid, named

after the two children of the Srivastavas, Cara and Siddhant have also put them both into

an entrepreneurial and innovative mode where each member contributes hugely to the

functioning and constant updating of the organization.

Carasid did not start until 2008 but the owners were preparing for its commencement since

the late 1990’s. Christabel and Sunil frequented many CCD outlets in Goa and observed the

lack of a very specific ingredient; in fact, a custom very perfunctory to the Indians; snacks

with beverages. On probe, Christabel started supplying the bakery products like brownies,

biscuits, confectionaries to the CCD’s. This business arrangement lasted for 10 long years. By

that time, the Srivastavas had acquired a firm understanding of the local market dynamics,

foothold into the supply and distribution chain and a fair idea of the wants as well as the

budgets of the people. Thus Carasid was opened in Miramar, the heart of Goa and soon

became a favourite “cake” destination for everyone.

Q. What gap in the market did you discover that persuaded you to launch your start-up?

Indian bakery industry was dominated with large amount of unorganized players and almost

50% of the production and revenue was generated from these units. The organized sector

was confined to supply of such items in the higher income segments, which were less

price sensitive. Also, the market was competitive but on the variety-front, not much was

available. Also the effort of investing into the business would need a strong capital backing

as the recovery rate and size of the market was progressive but quite slow. Bread and

biscuits dominated the market demand and cakes, chocolates, etc. was also growing albeit,

facing a competition from Indian sweets and delicacies. During this period, it was thus, a

wise decision of the Shrivastavas to venture into a field where the tastes and preferences

of the customers were growing and developing and the target market being undefined,

the experimental mode of the industry existed. Also, their prior experience into the effort

and creativity that this field requires added with the executive role that Mr. Shrivastava

possessed gave Carasid an almost exclusive edge to the industry.

Q. How long did you spend developing before launching?

Ans. The 25 years of working experience as CEO of Intergold for Mr. Shrivastava and the

experience of being a nutritionist and a gourmand for Mrs. Christabel Shrivastava, an urge

to showcase her talent and extensive support from a dotting husband was enough to launch

a new business in the field of confectionaries. Having a decent exposure of working in

corporate combined with the supreme knowledge of a nutritionist, this is what was exactly

required to set up this, now, a flourishing business.

Q. How was the crafting of this entrepreneurial structure done?

Ans. Carasid is a relatively young business firm functioning on a partnership basis among

the Sunil and Christabel. With one factory and 6 retail outlets spread across Goa, which

employs 53 people in total. The organizational structure is flat. Carasid runs without any

specific HR manager, any HR policy or motivational policy, yet it delivers the Excellence. This

is because it matures on a unique blend of leadership and year on year growth registered

by the organization is immense. Mr. Shrivastava says that this year he has estimated a 70%

business growth, 45% of which he guarantees. The flat organizational structure has not

affected the functioning till now. But in future when the number of outlets increases to 21,

a need for a well-defined hierarchical structure would be felt by the employers to run the

outlets successfully. The proprietor plans to open a total of 3 outlets in this very month-one

in Margao and two in Pilerne which is an industrial area.

Q. Has your start-up had the feedback and growth you expected since launching?

Mr. Srivastava’s vision is epitomized by the very word “MAC”-i.e. McDonald is the

Americanized Carasid! His confidence reflects in the manner the business is growing and

the reaction and satisfaction of the customers with Carasid. For the advertising approach

that he chooses for taking the products to the customer, he states that the products must

be prepared and sold as per the customers’ wants and spending habits. He also does not

believe in advertising his products as he feels that “taste cannot be marketed” and “the

sense of taste cannot be played with”. So the only mode of advertising is the grapevine

which the happy customers create for them. He states that the process of overview, in

view and review is very important for progress. Each step is verified thoroughly throughout

its working, viewed with an objective precision when in progress and reviewed when it is

completely finished. This enables the manager to capture the flaws of the functioning and

work upon them before the final product is pitched in so as to reduce time & cost wastage.

From the day of Carasid’s inception, there has been no looking back. The first experiment

on brownies that took place at the time of a family dinner was based on a feedback and till

date this has continued to be the trend. There is a huge demand for Carasid’s products and

the growth has been a lot more than that was expected, this is what Mr. Srivastava says.

Q. Where do you see your start-up in 5 Years’ time?

Carasid is going pretty steady in its growth since day 1. It is now looking into a totally new

direction: mini-meals, corporate canteens, packaged meals and chocolates. The idea is quite

consistent with the values, customs and the general image of the firm which the proprietors

have painstakingly built over the years. Carasid’s unique business model and single-focus

strategy is leading to its step by step diversification. Ultimately, Carasid is headed across the

seven seas, as far as and wide as any international food chain. With the firm determination

of Mr. Sunil Shrivastava and intuitive creativity of Christabel, the firm is looking at a large

scale expansion, encompassing a foray of products and services and becoming a “food

lover’s heaven” in Goa and elsewhere.

Q. What is the mission of this business development?

Ans. Carasid has a mission of Complete Customer Satisfactionand follows the policy of CCS

i.e Cost Efficiency and Sales. It emphasises on QQTC i.e Quality, Quantity, Time(time of

delivery) and Content. It also follows the policy of ‘Swastha, Sasta and Swadishth’.

Q. What advice would you offer to any soon to be start-up founders out there?

We would just suggest the budding entrepreneurs to follow their heart and not to digress

from following their dream. There will be many chances where people will try to put you

down and will be little your efforts, but that would be the only time where you have to

believe in yourself and march forward. Rest we wish a great success to all the budding

entrepreneurs. This is what the Srivastavas said.

An Entrepreneur with emotional intelligence


It is not a graduate/phd degree nor it is soft skills alone which can make a person successful.You should always have  an “ALTERNATE ATTITUDE” towards almost everything in life. The emotional intelligence is the only thing through which an individual can make the difference…..Here is a story of a young engineer Raja prabhakar who wants to make a difference with his emotional intelligence by launching a firm called SARWATRA  which helps you become “everything you wish to be”……..

About SARVATWA in Mr.Raja’s words

Name of the firm : SARVATWA ….it means “being complete”

What do we do at SARVATWA:

Whether one is aspiring for a dream job by filling in the gaps or looking to recruit the ideal person for their firm to starting up their own business,we at sarvatwa can surely help…..

We train students by developing their skill-sets and competencies in their chosen field…we also train corporates to enhance their skills in their field of work for improved perfomance leading to sustainable organizational growth……..



Devoted to developing human potential

Train people to create innovative solutions to improve their lives

Motivate,Inspire and guide people toachieve their personal and professional fulfillment

In a NUT-SHELL,we exist to “Enrich their lives”

Vision: Enriching peoples lives by guiding them in unleashing their true potential

 Tell us about your history ?

I am Raja ,a recent graduate from Sree nidhi institute of science and technology

Ever since my birth,I always wanted to do something good and benefecial to the society,But before talking about the people and for the betterment of the society,I wanted to bring a change in me first as an individual.Life was all confused,stressed.It was all about going to school/college and then home.There was nothing which I was interested in.I am a musician.Playing the guitar and singing were my only hobbies.

Life took a sudden change when I was introduced to international youth run organization “AIESEC” which completely changed me as a person from what I was to what I am today.Every experience which I have gone through in this organization showed me my true potential and made me face many challenges.I believe that this journey of life @AIESEC  has given me a lot in terms of personal,professional and operational skills.Well this was inside the box anyways.Looking at the competetive world,i always used to think if I really stood a chance.All that ran into my mind was,is it just education,job,marriage,money making and retirement ? or is there anything special?

On the other side there are two heroes who really made a difference in my life till date..Its my Mom and Dad.My mom worked as a manager for Andhra Bank and my dad worked as an area sales manager for a Multinational company and then started of his own firm related to human resources.

An experience which really made me to start up my own firm …Being an engineering student,I knew there were about 498 approved engg colleges through out the state.That was when exactly I was looking to get into an engineering…As days passed by, I was never impressed at what I was studying and more to that,never impressed as about 98,000 engg graduates, 12,000 managements graduates and 3,50,000 other graduates pass out every year and out of which a very few of them achieve their dream jobs and the others just adjust to what ever is available for sustenance .We all know that there is a huge market out there. Why does one need to settle for a job or what so ever it may be which cannot give self satisfaction. I started to research about this a bit more and found out that there exist a great disparity between the number of students passing out and the number of students getting their dream jobs .What was  the reason for this great-divide?

Finally found out that atleast of the two things are happening..

1)The students are ill-equipped technically irrespective of the stream they are in. or

2)The students soft skills are not up to the level, desired  in the highly competitive corporate environment


One fine day I was called up by a friend of mine who was heading the elections for IEEE campus embassador and asked me to come by the elections as a guest judge and conduct the election procedures .That was the day, which made me to think,to learn,to assess,to understand the problems that an individual can face though he or she is brilliant in different ways or even technically equipped. That is when I started to plan something very special for myself and also for the people, as I always stood for the people, by the people and of the people 

Something which can help the society and the people in it grow. This is when I started to think of SARVATWA. I later found that there was someone out there who shared the same interest. That is when I met Rohanak. In simple a dynamic individual who has played a key role to give birth to our firm SARVATWA


*How long did you spend developing before launching?

After completing a 16 month internship in a HR company,where we were trained to be trainers. It took us about 8 months and odd to start up….As me and rohanak were busy making training tools for students.


*Where do you see your start-up in 5 years’ time?

Well, we know the fact that we are all humans and we crave for a lot of things. Similarly, I expect SARVATWA, is not 5b years, but 7 years down the line to be the only HR company an individual can look up to for their personal, professional and organizational fulfilment in the nation.

                        [PS: This is our 7 year plan]


* What advice would you offer to any soon to be start-up founders out there?

Well, it is just not about only money. The first thing that you should ask yourself is “Do you have the satisfaction”? There is a huge market out there and no wonder India is called the land of oppurtunities.

            Do not play cheap tricks to attract people. Just make sure you do have the matter in you and nothing else matters.

Meet the Zumblrs!

Zumbl is an online chat system created by a group of IIT Delhi students. It claims to be different from other chat portals that are characterised by profane and obscene chats. It aims to redefine the nature of chats and to make them more meaningful. It matches users with strangers who share common interests. The users can converse with strangers anonymously and tag each other on the basis of their conversations. It makes use of various avatars which reflect the users’ personalities. With newly created groups namely Entrepreneurs, Psychology, LGBT, Travel, Music lovers, Travel etc Zumbl has been seen evolving quickly over time. The new feature ‘Raise a Topic’ lets the users to chat with people with common interests. After all, this group of young entrepreneurs wants us to “Chat Happy!”

Let us meet the founders of the www.zumbl.com

abhishek kumar saurabh kumar

(Abhishek Gupta)                                  (Saurabh Kumar)

Abhishek Gupta: Abhishek is a final semester student, Computer Science, IIT Delhi specializing in Web Search and Machine Learning with a particular focus on Natural Language Processing. He previously worked in Microsoft Research Bangalore, and is past winner of Yahoo Hack U, Northern region, India. He also worked on a cloud orchestrator named ‘Baadal’ which got him a publication in his third year of Undergraduate Engineering.


Saurabh Kumar: Saurabh is a final semester student at IIT Delhi. He is pursuing a four-year degree program in Computer Science and Engineering. He loves programming and has experience of working in diverse computer science subjects ranging from Systems to Computer Vision and Machine Learning.


1. How was the idea of Zumbl born?

The idea of Zumbl was incepted in late November 2011, in IIT Delhi when I, (Abhishek), thought of using my technical background in machine language and natural language processing to let strangers interact, engage and converse with one another without revealing their identities. Soon after this, the search for co-founders began and it ended with meeting Saurabh. An obsession with ‘Z’ and love for magical ‘al’ sound gave Zumbl its name.






2. Did you always want to be an Entrepreneur or was it circumstantial?

Always! I started working on an idea similar to Zumbl in my first year. But I realised that I needed to be more mature to pursue this idea, so I worked for almost a year in another start-up ‘thewittyshit.com’ which also operates in social networking space. After gaining sufficient experience, we formed our founding team and started working on this. Though, it was circumstantial that we are now working on Zumbl rather than any other idea.”


3. How long did you spend developing before launching?

Almost 5 months. Our first iteration was launched on July 14, 2013. We started working in December 2013. We were students at that point of time (the one who used to study too!), so ideally we spent almost 2-3 months.




4. What gap in the market did you discover that persuaded you to launch your start-up?

The lack of any portal to let users engage in meaningful conversations motivated us to come up with the idea of Zumbl. There are 100s or even 1000s of portals that let you chat; but to chat meaningfully – you have none. They are full of profanity and abusive behaviour. We set out to change that and let users find users of their choice and chat happy. :)


5. Has your start-up had the feedback and growth you expected since launching?

No. It wasn’t possible either. Our first product was quite raw. We kept on iterating and we still do. And with almost every iteration we get some new followers; and lots of interesting feedback.


Our growth has been phenomenal and we continue to add at least 1000 users every day. This is higher than what we projected for ourselves; so for growth we are doing better than we expected ourselves to. Our yardsticks and goals for future are highly ambitious, with projections of about 1 million users by the end of June 2014. (I hope that comes equally easy and umm, surprising as well :))


6. Where do you see your start-up in 5 Years’ time?

Used by a couple of hundred million users; who want to chat about things they like to; and with people they are interested in having conversations with. And we hope to raise the average IQ of a conversation that happens on Internet right now :)


7. What advice would you offer to any soon to be start-up founders out there?

Be clear, be focussed, and keep iterating. Team matters most; so build a strong team. Culture matters second; so engage in useful practices and talk to other founders and advisors there. Get someone smart on your advisory team. And finally; do things fast and ASAP.


Team Zumbl

Interviewed by-

Priyanka Dublish

Indraprastha College for Women


There is not a second of the day that Gaurav Munjal  could find some time for thinking something else other than his work. He is always absorbed in his work. The founder and CEO of Flat.to (http://flat.to/), has been chasing his dream of owning a company right from his college days at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies.  During his school and college days, he was an extremely active student, both in the academic and extra-curricular sense of the term. Siddharth Sharma brings you this exclusive interview.

Q.  Tell us about your history?

I am basically from Jaipur. I did my 12th from St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School, Jaipur in 2008 and after that I moved to Mumbai to pursue my under-graduation in Computer Engineering at NMIMS. I am a die-hard programming fan . I love coding and programming.   During my study at NMIMS, I got a chance to discover my passion. I took part in various competitions and events during my college days and they took me a step closer to my dream. During my college days, I started Unacademy whose aim was to provide free educational high quality video to facilitate students of various streams with their learning. This sowed in me the seeds of entrepreneur and instilled in me the passion towards entrepreneurship. After I completed my under-graduation, I joined Directi as Software Engineering Intern.

Q. What gap in the market did you discover that persuaded you to launch your start-up? Photo 2

Lots of students and professionals relocate to Mumbai every year, but there was not a single website that understands their needs and provides the flawless experience of finding a flat to stay. Most of the sites are classified, which are filled with cluttered ads and fake listings.

So I decided to start Flat.to as an initiative that will provide a rich web experience to anyone (but mainly students and professionals) looking for a place to stay. They can search for flats near their college/workplace, and can also see exactly how far the flats are on a map. Once they have narrowed down their options, they can get in touch with the broker or the owner of that particular flat.

Q. How long did you spend developing before launching?

I had this idea on my mind since the time I was in my college. After I completed my under-graduation, I had an urge to start a company. So I decided to have a reality check and created a group on facebook that catered the need of college students of searching flats. The group became very popular among students and started growing at a tremendous rate.  From this I recognized the gap that existed in the market and decided to turn my idea into reality. After this there was no turning back and I with my team started Flat.to. Development is still on and we recently came out of beta. We invested considerably in social media platforms, because that’s where most of our targeted audience is.

Q. Has your start-up had the feedback and growth you expected since launching?

We received a very warm welcome in the market and I would like to thank all those who trusted me and had faith in me at that time. We first targeted college students and, to our surprise, it became popular among them and we received overwhelming response. It has been growing since then and with time passing by we have been successful in establishing our brand in the market and winning the faith of our clients. The volume of success we achieved can’t be expressed in numbers. We started our facebook page in April this year and I am feeling very proud to tell you that we have over 8900 followers on facebook. I am very happy the way our graph is shooting up day by day.

Q. Where do you see your start-up in 5 Years’ time?

I wish that we establish Flat.to as the segment leader in the new reality niche-online property indexing. We are continuously working on expanding our branches in major cities of India. Currently, the portal covers Mumbai and has partnered with colleges like Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC), and a student exchange organisation called AIESEC. After consolidating its operations in Mumbai, the company will expand into Bangalore and Pune.

Q. What advice would you offer to any soon to be start-up founders out there?

Well there is no magical formula in the world that makes a start-up successful, but we can always work on making it successful. I believe that one should be passionate about the things one does. One should take a reality check before stepping into the world of entrepreneurship as there is no guarantee of success in this world but there is a lot one can achieve through his/her hard-work and smartness. I would like to conclude with a small saying which always inspired me:

“Manzil unhi ko milti hai, Jinke sapno me jaan hoti hai,
Pankh se kuchh nahi hota, Hauslon se udaan hoti hai.”


Ashutosh Shringi

-A journey of his life from nobody to Entrepreneur

Ashutosh Shringi

Ashutosh Shringi

Ashutosh Shringi, a college going student in his early twenties has undergone various hardships to gain his position now in the society and he is now the Co-founder and CEO of Plan Harbor after all his efforts he had put in to see India as a developed country. Born and brought up in Kota (A home for Educational Institutions), he, like all other students was running after IIT coaching centres to crack IIT-JEE . Though we say “Nothing is Impossible as Impossible itself says I’m possible” practically it isn’t true in all cases. Unable to make to it to IITs, highly depressed, he entered Institute of Engineering and Technology to pursue Bachelors of Technology. Though he is one of the toppers of his batch, he lived the life of tears of disappointment, when came the turning point of his life, The International Science fair at IIIT Allahabad, once in a life time opportunity, where he was the only student from the 1st semester. He got a chance to interact and listen to the scientists who won the Nobel Prize. Highly motivated by their speeches, he started building his career. He started an Entrepreneurship-Cell at his college when he  began making his success story. He is currently working for various campus ambassador programs by E-cell IIT BOMBAY, Knowafest, Aalizwell, Nurture Talent Academy, Rio+21, eSparsha, ISIC India. He was even selected as the Best Campus Representative of India by E-cell IITB. Although being the topper of computer science batch he eyes towards IIM’s for his management degree and learn about the diversity of culture and Entrepreneurship . He recently worked as an intern at Nurture Talent Academy where he gained experience of Marketing, Organizing and the Background hardwork that a company does. It takes a lot of courage to stand out from the crowd and swim against the stream, and it is those who brave the challenges in the path who taste the sweet nectar of success. Ashutosh is one among them who can be featured. He accepted the failure in life, got motivated, got experienced, believed in the fact that “ There is no failure except in no longer trying.” and he is upto achieving something in his life and contribute his level best to the society. He got highly moved by an incident in his +2 where he met a poor boy with a zeal to learn but have no way to live and study, he has to beg. This is when Ashutosh asked the boy if he is going to school when the boy replied a teacher is teaching him on her own interest privately. When Ashutosh gifted him a pencil and a book the boy wrote “Thank you” on a paper for him. Highly moved by this Ashutosh along with his friend Hrishabh founded Plan Harbor to give Quality Education reachable to all the students in India and contribute his share in the development of the country. Plan Harbor have already got around 1000+ entries till now for it’s first National level Technical Competition E-techa going to be conducted on 25th August,2013 .Plan Harbor is about to start around 70-100 Plan Harbor cells at various colleges all round India in the upcoming 2months including highly reputed institutes like IITs and NITs and top notch colleges and even have received entry from one of the new IIMs.

Plan Harbor is now on it’s way to make it’s brand reach the peaks. He also realized the importance of providing opportunities to students. Plan Harbor recruited passionate individuals from highly reputed colleges of IITs and NITs to maintain it’s brand image. Also, Plan Harbor is going to launch E-Commerce website  in upcoming days for college students of all over India solving their most common problem.   He is now a growing Entrepreneur. His Leadership qualities made him reach all these achievements. We need something more than just passion to be successful in life. He had a high level of tolerance to risk.

                         “ Far better it is to dare mighty things ,to win glorious Triumphs ,

                even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those

poor spirits who neither enjoy much  nor suffer much because

they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat .”

He is a person of high aptitude who pioneers change and hope he reaches all the more success.

Being an Entrepreneur is like living your dream.Work hard like it’s your last day and party more harder. Apart from this the students should keeping reading stories at yourstory.in and the top stories at linkedin and  increase a network of good contacts. Think more innovatively first, then work harder to implement it. That’s the difference between you and the rest of the world! Happiness shouldn’t be good enough for you! You should demand euphoria!

 An Entrepreneur For Entrepreneurs……


Entrepreneurs-Mingle is platform for the entrepreneurs providing database of Entrepreneurs, building a social network for Entrepreneurs. Through this website they are providing Entrepreneurial news, articles and up-to date information about the Entrepreneurial world. Withinno time this will become an WIKIPEDIA for ENTREPRENEURS.

 Here is an exclusive interview withGnann Dheep, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Head atwww.entrepreneursmingle.com


  1. 1.       Hii Gnann Dheep!! Tellus about your yourself?

Hello guys!! I am an engineering student with normal skills. I am doing my b-tech in a normal college, but I have a most creative and innovative team with me, that’s my clique. We use to do many science projects, but later we came to know that Entrepreneurship is our ultimate stop!!!

2.What gap in the market did you discover that persuaded you to launch your start-up?
When we started our entrepreneurial journey, we came across a problem that there is no interesting place for entrepreneurs to mingle and share there views and its very hard for a new start up to raise funds for marketing, so we decided to launch a website which be the one-stop for all the E-mind people, result, Entrepreneurs Mingle.

3. How long did you devote developing before launching?

Before launching the website it took one year to do the research and to reach the prominent entrepreneurs to get interviews. It was a long time, but we learned much cool stuff in this year span.

4. Has your start-up had the feedback and growth you expected since launching?

Yeah!!! we got a lot of positive response from many entrepreneurs, some said it awesome, some said its cool and if we talk about growth we reached 900 unique daily visitors within one and half month.

5. Your far vision for your project?
In coming years I guess, Entrepreneurs Mingle will be the only name in every E-Mind people. We would emerge as most important stuff for the entrepreneurs.

6. What advice would you offer to any soon to be start-up founders out there?

Entrepreneurship is not so easy as it sounds, a great hard work is needed to do what you aim. Entrepreneurship is nothing but a business,, with a twist of Innovation, so be innovative. Don’t get distressed when you failures, if you have no failures, then you didn’t achieve anything yet.

Dream to make the largest finance career advisory group

personal picture

A Graduate of Sri Ram College and Chartered Accountant of 2002 batch; MBA from London School of Business and Finance and have over 10 years of experience with track-record in carbon management, energy sector, regulatory advisory, strategic advisory, financial modeling, takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, infrastructure consulting, financial restructuring and business research, education, recruitment & training. After working across Asia, Middle East, Europe and Canada for some of the top rated companies including HSBC, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Keypoint (Ernst &Young offshoot in Bahrain) and Adventity Global Services (now Sutherland Plc.) in 2011 I decided to try my hands on entrepreneurship and came back to India.


The journey in the last 2 years has been amazing with 3 interesting startups, national awards from Economic Times, IIM Ahemdabad and lots of ups and downs. The venture closest to my heart is a social initiative “MAPyourskills” aimed at developing talent in finance students by providing a suitable platform to these candidates, a networking opportunity and a chance to interact with Industry experts who could provide right direction to their careers in the finance domain.


What gap in the market did you discover that persuaded you to launch your start-up?


Most finance professionals and students in India today struggle to find good jobs even after excellent academic records. The absence of real mentors with adequate industry experience and industry connections in the country is reflected in the steep decline in placement results of most finance professionals.


Fresh Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries and MBA Finance are facing a serious decline in job availability as per their profile. For e.g. the students appearing for CA campus increased from 2931 in Feb-March 2010 to 9717 in Feb-March 2012 whereas the percentage of jobs offered to these candidates reduced from 49% to 9% over the same period. Jaipur’s placement record is worse off as compared to India average and was less than 6% in the last placement season which happened in September 2012.



Declining CA placement Scenario in India



How long did you spend developing before launching?


It is often said that most startups happen over a cup of coffee or there is a eureka moment. For me it happened over a guest lecture at the CA institute. I had just returned back from London to try my hands on entrepreneurship and I was invited for a guest lecture at the CA institute. Immediately after the lecture I was swarmed with students who were struggling to decide on their careers. I discussed this issue with Ankit and Mohit who are also CA and have worked in top rated companies and we joined hands immediately to form MAPyourskills.


Most surprisingly, the overall time spent to launch the business was only about 5 days. Within 5 days we planned our first workshop, created our website, sent out emails to students, called our friends as guest speakers and we were ready and our first workshop was a big hit with a full house.


Has your start-up had the feedback and growth you expected since launching?


We launched MAPyourskills with a very modest goal of training about 25 candidates and helping them in their careers; and in the very first event we had over 100 participants. The number has been growing crazy since then and we are only about 1 year old. Some of our achievements in the last couple of months are:

  • Over 4200 registered members online
  • Our candidates placed in top rated companies like Bajaj Finance, ICICI, Coca Cola, Bosch, Evosys, Il&FS, Jabong, Genpact, Samarth Lifestyle, Kingdon of Dreams, KPMG, E&Y and so on..
  • Workshops conducted on International Finance Courses, Financial Modeling, Oracle based ERP, Employability Skills, Presentation Skills, Excel Skills, Case Study Solving, CV making, Interview skills and many more
  • 10 times better result than CA campus
  • Conducted programs in collaboration with FICCI, Mahindra World City and the next one is planned with the largest accounting body of the the world ACCA (UK).
  • Guest faculty from London, Bahrain, US, Mumbai, Delhi and other big cities
  • Speakers included investment bankers, consultants, lawyers, corporate professionals, IAS officers and subject matter experts


Where do you see your start-up in 5 Years’ time?


It is a tough question because you never know where the wave would lead us but we dream to become the largest finance career advisory group of the country. We hope to cover the entire country in the next 4-5 years, atleast 2 workshops per year in each of the top 20 cities. Also hope to capture a wider network of corporates who would like to get connected with us for the quality of candidates and honest advise provided by us.


What is your vision about the start up?

Since it is a social initiative we plan to build a culture of networking, exploration, right advise and mentorship and provide fair advise to our students and not be biased by monetary reasons. Each year, India produces more than twice the number of Chartered Accountants and other professionals as compared to UK however, when we look at employability, we are far behind and the prime reason is that students only worry about marks and results and forget to build the right industry connections and network. In most parts of the world, students attend workshops, conferences and events just to meet senior professionals but such culture is grossly missing in the country and that is exactly what we plan to eradicate.



What advice would you offer to any soon to be start-up founders out there?


There are 2 important things in my opinion which are needed if you plan to be an entrepreneur:

  1. Plan your finances well. Lot of startups do not plan their finances and just start out of pure passion. It is good to have a passion but you should plan your personal finances well because entrepreneurial journey is tough and needs money which should be planned well.
  2. Don’t go blind on mistakes. We all commit mistakes and it is very important to accept mistakes, mend them and move on. Unless you are ready to accept failures, entrepreneurship will be tough. Be aware of what is going around, listen to your critics and ensure you take corrective paths before things go from bad to worse.


What is the advice for the students today?


Since MAPyourskills is a startup for students I recommend this to all students everyday- Nothing is difficult if you are determined to achieve it. Know it that no successful person is made without failures. Those who lose heart or do not even fight enough can never rise in life. Do your research well, ensure that you select the right mentor in life and work smart rather than just working hard and you will surely get what you plan.




Talk of any attribute of a successful entrepreneur, be it never say die attitude or be it keen sense of observation, be it sheer hardwork or be it a creative mind, be it charm or be it humility, be it a assertiveness or be it calmness in voice, be it an evergreen smile, be it glow on face, at just tender age of 26-27, Mr. Kshitij Mehra has all these qualities ingrained in him. He is the founder of ‘Yuvshaala’ a career counselling organization started in 2010 from the very rural areas of Himachal and currently operating in entire Himachal, Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana. Kshitij has in him that thing to make people feel comfortable in walking upto him and share their problems and he seems a natural at solving them, a quality which is the cornerstone of his entire business idea.

Kshitij did his B.com from S.D. College Chandigarh, the premier and most sought after college for commerce graduates in the city. Along with B.Com, he also completed his C.A. After doing his C.A, he prepared for CAT and despite preparing only for a couple of months, he was able to convert calls from colleges like UBS, Chandigarh, KJ Soumaya etc. but he chose not to do join any of these  and decided to give CAT one more shot. But even at that time, sitting idle was not in his nature. “As a trainee during my CA I started getting stipend at the age of 18 or 19 and which was sufficient for my pocket money. So a sense of self dependency was there and I was not habitual of taking money from my parents. So I started working at a coffee shop and used to handle their marketing work ” recalls Kshitij.  There, he had an opportunity to meet Mr. Sumit Khanna, the co-founder of Edu-Corp, a Chandigarh based institute that provides coaching for CAT and soon he was hired at EduCorp for a part time job as a doubt clearing faculty. He would spend 3-4 hours per day there and take doubts of the students in quant. It’s there Kshitij realised that he had a knack for teaching. He expressed his desire to Mr. Amit Hans, the CEO of EduCorp and after a rigorous training of 15 days he was appointed as a faculty at EduCorp and there was no looking back after that. Soon he became a favourite among students. Even as a faculty of mathematics, he used to spend 10-15 minutes in his each class in counselling the students regarding their career options and which college can provide them what they actually wanted from life. He worked there for one and a half years and then moved to ‘PT Education’ in Noida and greater Noida and was promoted as centre manager. He then left PT Education and joined Teachwell, a Delhi based brand. Between leaving PT and joining Teachwell, there was a gap of 10 days and that’s when YuvShaala was born.


Q) What gap in the market you discover that persuaded you to launch your start-up?              

Ans: Back in 2010, one of my friends started a tally institute. To help him in marketing for his institute, I accompanied him to interiors of H.P. where we thought we could find students who start looking for jobs after 12th class or so. We went to schools to interact with 12th class students, we found that scenario in Government schools was so worse that the Non medical students there hadn’t even heard about AIEEE or JEE, leave alone preparing for it. They had nobody to guide them and there was real dearth of resources. There the idea of forming a career counselling organization clicked in my mind and yuvshaala was born. After doing initial research and to generate the initial capital, I kept on working with Teachwell for next 4 months where I was managing 4 out of their 5 centres and in the meantime I designed the content and all major and minor details of their workshops and how I intended to add value to the students.


Q) How you penetrated into the market and how was your experience in early periods?                                    

   Ans: Our initial targets were government schools. To conduct workshops in Govt schools, we had to take permission from Himachal Government. So I approached the Himachal Govt education board and was able to put my idea into their mind, and made them realise the need for such workshops for the students. But they refused to make it compulsory for students also to give any monetary aid as it required a very lengthy bureaucratic procedure. So, in the beginning our workshops were free of cost to students and Yuvshaala generated revenue from advertisements. We would give a booklet to every student after workshop which will carry details of colleges that offered different courses and we would charge money to colleges for this. Now we had all the government schools in Himachal into our clientele which added to make more than 1200 schools and with such huge clientele, it seemed like a cakewalk to tap the colleges but this wasn’t the case. Most of the colleges made demands which were not acceptable to us. E.g. many wanted yuvshaala to promote only their name and not other colleges. It’d be unfair to our students, rather it’d be unethical on our part to advertise only one college to students and miss out other good colleges. Career of someone is going to be shaped by our advice so we were very clear from day one that no matter if we lose a few colleges, we won’t compromise on our ethics. So we went to college after college and got our first contract in 71st attempt. Even dealing with them wasn’t very smooth and after 1st year, we were in bad debt of around 3.5 lakhs.

Q) What’s the progress made by you?                                                                                      

  Ans: All the Govt schools of Himachal are our clients. We have clients in Chandigarh, some elite private schools in Himachal, Schools in Punjab and Haryana as well. We have conducted works even at places like Madurai, Indore etc. So we are growing pretty fast and getting repeatedly covered by almost all the national newspapers, India today magazine and various social media pages. World of mouth publicity has been our major source of growth as wherever we have gone, we have always got positive feedback. We started with workshops in rural areas of Himachal where students lacked even basic awareness but later we found, even students in elite schools of big cities also remain confused about which career to choose. There was a time when we used to charge Rs 10 per student for our workshops in Government schools. Now we charge 500 Rs per student and we make sure every student get worth of his money. Initially our workshop used to be just 1 day affair. Now we have designed it into a 4 day workshop. On first day we take a 2 hour session in which we tell why career counselling is important for them. This first day session is free for every student. If students feel its importance, then only they pay money and register for next 3 days of sessions and those who attend our sessions, get a magazine every month from us which contains things useful for their careers are always free to contact us anytime in future either through mail, Facebook or even my personal visiting our office. So we are growing at a rapid pace both in terms of revenue and value added to our customers.


Q) What is your projection in next 5 years?                                                                       

Ans: Our Vision is to cover the entire India. We don’t any student to lag behind due to lack of proper mentorship. We don’t want nation to miss out on any of her talent. In next five years our target is to have our considerable presence in every state of the country and to have our franchises there. We are already planning to open a franchise in Indore.


Q) Any Plans to go Global?                                                                                                 

Ans: There are a plethora of courses being offered in foreign universities. To counsel students who want to study abroad, we need to do an extensive research which can even take years to complete. As I said, somebody’s career is going to be defined by our advice, so we can’t just jump into market without doing proper homework. So, right now we are thinking at national level only. Once we can cover the country, then we might think about foreign markets.

Q) What advice would you like to give for budding or aspiring entrepreneurs?                        

Ans: Today, entrepreneurship bug is biting the youth fast, but most of the people just keep thinking and making plans but don’t actually do anything. So my first advice to entrepreneurs would be not to sit back and wait for opportunities, but to go out and make things happen. Being an entrepreneur is not like lying on bed of roses. Rather, Problems and rejections are part and parcel of an entrepreneur’s life. Never focus too much on problem and instead spend time and energy on devising solutions to those problems. Be socially active. Be part of various organizations that promote entrepreneurship. I was covered by national and international organizations like TIE, NEN etc. because I was always present in their events. Apart from motivation, you get to interact and learn from a lot of successful people there. Never sit back, ask your doubts. When you are representing your company, never say word ‘I’, say ‘we’ instead. Be spot on in replying to the mails or messages you get, even if they are not useful to your business. It shows you are serious towards your business. Never compromise with your ethics and values as these are the things that build your credibility in the market.

Rest all depends on your determination, creativity, hardwork and little bit of luck too. There were times in yuvshaala when all doors appeared closed and I was left all alone. But I believed in myself and kept going. So keep faith in yourself and as far as you know your idea fills some gap in the market, DON’T QUIT.









Toyesh Bhatia: The Next Whacky Leader

Don’t try to fit in, when you are made to stand out.

Mr. Toyesh Bhatia, an outstanding leadership coach and an immensely inspirational personality, is also one of the entrepreneurs behind Eagles’ Cocoon, a Leadership Incubator. What amuses many is the fact that he is only a Delhi University student barely 19 years of age, but has an experience of coaching and addressing as many as 800 students.

Apart from his infectious persona, perhaps it is his grounded attitude and humility that is even more endearing about him.
Undoubtedly, I am greatly fascinated and affected by this person and I would like to extend the ideology and vision of this ‘dreamer’ to as many as possible.
Here’s an excerpt of the interesting interview where he tells us about his exciting journey till now, the vacuum that he noticed, and his vision for the future.

  1. Tell us about your history?

Eagles’ Cocoon has its roots in Canada. It was coined after a 16 month long research involving a series of interviews with Canada’s and India’s leading undergraduate program students. This led to a common conclusion that Leadership is the key to success in every sphere of life. We began this endless journey of creating leaders and transforming education systems in 2011.
2. What gap in the market did you discover that persuaded you to launch your start-up?

We believe that Leadership is as important as Air, Water and Food to this society. We noticed a huge gap in the education system in India that even the Post Graduate courses neglect “experiential way of learning”. Schools and colleges have students who want to become what the society, parents, relatives or friends ask them to be. We want them to become “what they want to be”.
3. How long did you spend developing before launching?

Leadership has a wide horizon, including Indoor activities, real life projects, Motivational and Inspirational sessions, bringing a social change, dream planning, perspective building, developing an art into profession and what not. It took us around 16 months to develop our modules and methodologies so as to develop Leadership Programs for various groups in the society.
4. Has your start-up had the feedback and growth you expected since launching?

I am extremely happy to state that the results crossed our expectations. With 600+ Eagles created, we have spread leadership from Monks in Dharamshala to the students of Delhi’s leading Schools to the students of top Business schools in India.


5. Where do you see your start-up in 5 Years’ time?

Eagles’ Cocoon has been always seen as an institute transforming lives. Five years down the line, I would see it as an institute spread across the globe. The focus is not upon the institute but its results. I would feel proud to say that the person who started the next IPL of Baseball in India is associated with us.

6. Who is your ideal in life and why?
Steve Jobs. Entrepreneurs try to be perfect. Jobs went beyond perfection. The environment he provided at the Apple office was Artistic leading to numerous innovative ideas. He changed the definition of Impossible.
7. What advice would you offer to any soon to be start-up founders out there?

The only advice I have for dreamers out in the world is, “stop dreaming, and start doing”. Take the initiative and even if you fail, get a learning out of it, rise again. Chase only and only Your Passion because that is what you can do for 24 hours a day without fatigue and become a leader.







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G.Iswarya Narasu’s Sarathy Institute of Technology Team 2
Keerthanapriya Narasu’s Sarathy Institute of Technology Team 2
Kowsalya Narasu’s Sarathy Institute of Technology Team 2
S.Bhuvaneshwari Narasu’s Sarathy Institute of Technology Team 3
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A.Vinothini Narasu’s Sarathy Institute of Technology Team 3
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Darshan S SHET Surana college, Bangalore Team 1
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Karthik B Surana college, Bangalore Team 2
Ravi Chethan Surana college, Bangalore Team 2
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Bharath Kumar Surana college, Bangalore Team 3
Murthy Surana college, Bangalore Team 3
Karthik R Surana college, Bangalore Team 3
Ashima Roy Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 1
M. Divya Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 1
Renu Yadav Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 1
P.Mujib Rehman Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 1
Rajneesh Tyagi Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 1
komal Das Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 2
kumari Rakhee Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 2
pushpita Mistry Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 2
Nikat Praveen Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 2
Priyanka CP Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 2
Tarun Kartick Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 3
vikash Singh Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 3
priya darshani Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 3
pooja Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 3
G. A Raghavi Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 3
vishakha Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Team 3

is the Founder and CEO of Thotlabs and the member of technology consultant
team of DialDesk.in . He started the company in his final year of studies
in GGSIPU, Delhi. He was awarded with the title Miracle Boy in his college
days for the amazing minor and major project work. He has experience of
working with various National and Multinational Companies like HCL, Xerox,
Vodafone etc. He is responsible for the drastic improvement in the
functioning of the Postpaid to Prepaid conversion system of the telecom
industry as he developed and designed a advanced automation system using
mobile, web and cloud technologies to speed up the process and cut down
the cost resulting into better user experience and more profit to
customers and telecom companies as well. This system is now followed in
various companies including vodafone, aircel and idea. He is always
interested in learning and discovering new things every day. Due to his
passion for becoming an entrepreneur he rejected the job from Canada’s
giant Sears just to stay in his hometown and work on his startup.
Teaching, training and sharing knowledge with people gives him immense


Avenues in Mobile Apps

Mobile apps is the latest addiction across the world. Billions of apps are getting downloaded every day and it brings various opportunities for young college students to learn and prove themselves while making money and solving problems of customers. Let us look at the key opportunities in this domain:

Consumer Apps

If you use Whatsapp to chat with friends, or Facebook on mobile to update your status, then you have downloaded a consumer mobile app. There are millions of such apps that are used by consumers directly to kill as well as save time. You just have to think of 5Ws and 1H from a consumer point of view — what, when, why, where, who, how; and you will get plenty of application ideas, which you can start converting into useful mobile apps.

Enterprise apps

Blackberry started as a pager service, then quickly transformed itself into one of the largest enterprise mobile apps company — that caters to corporates directly or indirectly. The primary use of these apps is for business purpose and can be either for management or for employees. It could be used for ERP, CRM, sales channel management or simply taking attendance.

Mobile Gaming

Angry Birds, Temple Run and millions of other games have caught the fancy of people both young and old. Though mobile gaming is also a type of consumer app, it is so big in itself that there are various niche you can consider — casual gaming, hardcore games, multi-player games, single player games, board games, etc. Just find a story and build a game around it.

Mobile Payments

Giving and taking money is a business that has been there since the beginning of mankind. From kind to cash to online to mobile — that is how the evolution of payments has been, and now we see increase of technologies related to mobile payments, mobile wallet, sms transfer, swipe and share, etc. Additionally, it leads to peripheral services like mobile security, software linking banks with mobile apps, integration of apps and visa/mastercard.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile platforms allow people to build apps, deploy them on Apple Store or Google Play Store, link with app ad networks, and manage user downloads etc.

So go ahead, learn the basics of mobile — android, eclipse, java and rule the world.

Article originally published in : http://newindianexpress.com/education/edex/Starpreneur/2013/08/05/article1714421.ece