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An Entrepreneur with emotional intelligence


It is not a graduate/phd degree nor it is soft skills alone which can make a person successful.You should always have  an “ALTERNATE ATTITUDE” towards almost everything in life. The emotional intelligence is the only thing through which an individual can make the difference…..Here is a story of a young engineer Raja prabhakar who wants to make a difference with his emotional intelligence by launching a firm called SARWATRA  which helps you become “everything you wish to be”……..

About SARVATWA in Mr.Raja’s words

Name of the firm : SARVATWA ….it means “being complete”

What do we do at SARVATWA:

Whether one is aspiring for a dream job by filling in the gaps or looking to recruit the ideal person for their firm to starting up their own business,we at sarvatwa can surely help…..

We train students by developing their skill-sets and competencies in their chosen field…we also train corporates to enhance their skills in their field of work for improved perfomance leading to sustainable organizational growth……..



Devoted to developing human potential

Train people to create innovative solutions to improve their lives

Motivate,Inspire and guide people toachieve their personal and professional fulfillment

In a NUT-SHELL,we exist to “Enrich their lives”

Vision: Enriching peoples lives by guiding them in unleashing their true potential

 Tell us about your history ?

I am Raja ,a recent graduate from Sree nidhi institute of science and technology

Ever since my birth,I always wanted to do something good and benefecial to the society,But before talking about the people and for the betterment of the society,I wanted to bring a change in me first as an individual.Life was all confused,stressed.It was all about going to school/college and then home.There was nothing which I was interested in.I am a musician.Playing the guitar and singing were my only hobbies.

Life took a sudden change when I was introduced to international youth run organization “AIESEC” which completely changed me as a person from what I was to what I am today.Every experience which I have gone through in this organization showed me my true potential and made me face many challenges.I believe that this journey of life @AIESEC  has given me a lot in terms of personal,professional and operational skills.Well this was inside the box anyways.Looking at the competetive world,i always used to think if I really stood a chance.All that ran into my mind was,is it just education,job,marriage,money making and retirement ? or is there anything special?

On the other side there are two heroes who really made a difference in my life till date..Its my Mom and Dad.My mom worked as a manager for Andhra Bank and my dad worked as an area sales manager for a Multinational company and then started of his own firm related to human resources.

An experience which really made me to start up my own firm …Being an engineering student,I knew there were about 498 approved engg colleges through out the state.That was when exactly I was looking to get into an engineering…As days passed by, I was never impressed at what I was studying and more to that,never impressed as about 98,000 engg graduates, 12,000 managements graduates and 3,50,000 other graduates pass out every year and out of which a very few of them achieve their dream jobs and the others just adjust to what ever is available for sustenance .We all know that there is a huge market out there. Why does one need to settle for a job or what so ever it may be which cannot give self satisfaction. I started to research about this a bit more and found out that there exist a great disparity between the number of students passing out and the number of students getting their dream jobs .What was  the reason for this great-divide?

Finally found out that atleast of the two things are happening..

1)The students are ill-equipped technically irrespective of the stream they are in. or

2)The students soft skills are not up to the level, desired  in the highly competitive corporate environment


One fine day I was called up by a friend of mine who was heading the elections for IEEE campus embassador and asked me to come by the elections as a guest judge and conduct the election procedures .That was the day, which made me to think,to learn,to assess,to understand the problems that an individual can face though he or she is brilliant in different ways or even technically equipped. That is when I started to plan something very special for myself and also for the people, as I always stood for the people, by the people and of the people 

Something which can help the society and the people in it grow. This is when I started to think of SARVATWA. I later found that there was someone out there who shared the same interest. That is when I met Rohanak. In simple a dynamic individual who has played a key role to give birth to our firm SARVATWA


*How long did you spend developing before launching?

After completing a 16 month internship in a HR company,where we were trained to be trainers. It took us about 8 months and odd to start up….As me and rohanak were busy making training tools for students.


*Where do you see your start-up in 5 years’ time?

Well, we know the fact that we are all humans and we crave for a lot of things. Similarly, I expect SARVATWA, is not 5b years, but 7 years down the line to be the only HR company an individual can look up to for their personal, professional and organizational fulfilment in the nation.

                        [PS: This is our 7 year plan]


* What advice would you offer to any soon to be start-up founders out there?

Well, it is just not about only money. The first thing that you should ask yourself is “Do you have the satisfaction”? There is a huge market out there and no wonder India is called the land of oppurtunities.

            Do not play cheap tricks to attract people. Just make sure you do have the matter in you and nothing else matters.

About the Author

Amit Grover, founder of, is an IIT Delhi and IIM Indore alumnus, having more than 12 years of industry experience. He started Nurture Talent Academy, and earlier worked with Infosys, Asian Paints, Onida and Mumbai Angels. He regularly blogs on AHA Taxis, his recent venture, offers one way outstation travel across India.


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