Starpreneur Mani Sharan interviewed Mr. Gnann Dheep ,Co-Founder of Entrepreneurs Mingle

 An Entrepreneur For Entrepreneurs……


Entrepreneurs-Mingle is platform for the entrepreneurs providing database of Entrepreneurs, building a social network for Entrepreneurs. Through this website they are providing Entrepreneurial news, articles and up-to date information about the Entrepreneurial world. Withinno time this will become an WIKIPEDIA for ENTREPRENEURS.

 Here is an exclusive interview withGnann Dheep, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Head


  1. 1.       Hii Gnann Dheep!! Tellus about your yourself?

Hello guys!! I am an engineering student with normal skills. I am doing my b-tech in a normal college, but I have a most creative and innovative team with me, that’s my clique. We use to do many science projects, but later we came to know that Entrepreneurship is our ultimate stop!!!

2.What gap in the market did you discover that persuaded you to launch your start-up?
When we started our entrepreneurial journey, we came across a problem that there is no interesting place for entrepreneurs to mingle and share there views and its very hard for a new start up to raise funds for marketing, so we decided to launch a website which be the one-stop for all the E-mind people, result, Entrepreneurs Mingle.

3. How long did you devote developing before launching?

Before launching the website it took one year to do the research and to reach the prominent entrepreneurs to get interviews. It was a long time, but we learned much cool stuff in this year span.

4. Has your start-up had the feedback and growth you expected since launching?

Yeah!!! we got a lot of positive response from many entrepreneurs, some said it awesome, some said its cool and if we talk about growth we reached 900 unique daily visitors within one and half month.

5. Your far vision for your project?
In coming years I guess, Entrepreneurs Mingle will be the only name in every E-Mind people. We would emerge as most important stuff for the entrepreneurs.

6. What advice would you offer to any soon to be start-up founders out there?

Entrepreneurship is not so easy as it sounds, a great hard work is needed to do what you aim. Entrepreneurship is nothing but a business,, with a twist of Innovation, so be innovative. Don’t get distressed when you failures, if you have no failures, then you didn’t achieve anything yet.

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