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Believe Yourself!!

Believing at your potential and fight against the risk is the main quality of an entrepreneur. The underlying is a story of such an emerging entrepreneur.

Team Creatiosoft

This is a story about a person who had completed his post graduation at IIT delhi. He was always looking for an idea for his startup since it was his sole dream. Being an avid reader and net surfer, everyday new ideas keeps on coming in his mind but due to some reasons they all get scrapped up. Then finally, it was the month of November,2011 when he bought  an android OS based mobile, and guess what , he got exhilarated by the mobile applications. Being a Computer Engineer,he decided to make some applications of his own and after careful analysis of the business prospects in this field, he decided to quit his job and start something of his own.  He called two of his friends (Yogendra Pratap Singh, in IT branch from JSS College,2009 Batch and Rishabh Agrawal, B.Tech in ECE from College of Engineering, Science and Technology, Lucknow,2011 Batch) who were also entrepreneurship crazy , and their first reaction for this idea was “Its time to start” , and thus the seeds for CreatioSoft (android apps development firm) were laid down in month of December.

He was always in search of opportunity and when an opportunity came along with the right persons, there was no sense in letting it go.

The main idea of CreatioSoft is expressed in its tagline “We Create Different”. At the moment their main focus is on the development of innovative and useful applications for android based smartphones. As said that “Anything worth doing is not simple”. Our story has been the same. The biggest challenge that they faced was of funding. Since they had spent very few months in the job there was not much funds available. Somehow, they managed with their savings and with the help of friends and started with the company of  dreams. Since the start, there has been no looking back and they are growing rapidly. At the moment, they are not facing any difficulties as such but since their aim is to create a company on global level,  difficult road is lying ahead. In the next five years, they see their venture to be a leading mobile applications development company in the world in all the four fields (Android, Blackberry, Windows and IPhone) with many branches throughout India and two or three outside of India as well. Also, they aims in developing a platform at providing the opportunities to energetic youths belonging to rural areas of India in the field of mobile applications development.

they always consider themselves lucky since they got a lot of support from our family and friends. they feel that in the developing country like ours there shall be more encouragement given to youths who are looking for entrepreneurship rather than just forcing them into jobs.

Since they all are from non MBA backgrounds, thus they believe there were lots of apprehensions about their abilities but as Rashmi Bansal depicted in her novel “Connect the Dots”, we do not require an MBA degree to be successful in the field of entrepreneurship. At the end of the day, what matters in the knowledge and not the degree.  It does not matter at all that whether one is achieve from IITs or IIMs if one has the courage to achieve his dreams and rise above the dogmas of the society.

According to them Both the things “Great Idea” and a “Great team” is required for a venture but they believed that a great team is far more important because a great team can even make a simple idea great but the opposite in not true. At the end, they wished to say to all the aspiring entrepreneurs that” never let your dreams die, it is your dream and thus you have the responsibility to convert it into reality. So whatever idea you are having, analyze it, gather a team, Just go with it. Do not be afraid of failures since “only those learn to swim in the sea who has the courage to leave the shore”. Also, it is very important to understand people and their feelings since to be a great entrepreneur you need a great team, and to have a great team you must be good at appreciating people. “


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Amit Grover, founder of, is an IIT Delhi and IIM Indore alumnus, having more than 12 years of industry experience. He started Nurture Talent Academy, and earlier worked with Infosys, Asian Paints, Onida and Mumbai Angels. He regularly blogs on AHA Taxis, his recent venture, offers one way outstation travel across India.


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