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Ashutosh Shringi

-A journey of his life from nobody to Entrepreneur

Ashutosh Shringi

Ashutosh Shringi

Ashutosh Shringi, a college going student in his early twenties has undergone various hardships to gain his position now in the society and he is now the Co-founder and CEO of Plan Harbor after all his efforts he had put in to see India as a developed country. Born and brought up in Kota (A home for Educational Institutions), he, like all other students was running after IIT coaching centres to crack IIT-JEE . Though we say “Nothing is Impossible as Impossible itself says I’m possible” practically it isn’t true in all cases. Unable to make to it to IITs, highly depressed, he entered Institute of Engineering and Technology to pursue Bachelors of Technology. Though he is one of the toppers of his batch, he lived the life of tears of disappointment, when came the turning point of his life, The International Science fair at IIIT Allahabad, once in a life time opportunity, where he was the only student from the 1st semester. He got a chance to interact and listen to the scientists who won the Nobel Prize. Highly motivated by their speeches, he started building his career. He started an Entrepreneurship-Cell at his college when he  began making his success story. He is currently working for various campus ambassador programs by E-cell IIT BOMBAY, Knowafest, Aalizwell, Nurture Talent Academy, Rio+21, eSparsha, ISIC India. He was even selected as the Best Campus Representative of India by E-cell IITB. Although being the topper of computer science batch he eyes towards IIM’s for his management degree and learn about the diversity of culture and Entrepreneurship . He recently worked as an intern at Nurture Talent Academy where he gained experience of Marketing, Organizing and the Background hardwork that a company does. It takes a lot of courage to stand out from the crowd and swim against the stream, and it is those who brave the challenges in the path who taste the sweet nectar of success. Ashutosh is one among them who can be featured. He accepted the failure in life, got motivated, got experienced, believed in the fact that “ There is no failure except in no longer trying.” and he is upto achieving something in his life and contribute his level best to the society. He got highly moved by an incident in his +2 where he met a poor boy with a zeal to learn but have no way to live and study, he has to beg. This is when Ashutosh asked the boy if he is going to school when the boy replied a teacher is teaching him on her own interest privately. When Ashutosh gifted him a pencil and a book the boy wrote “Thank you” on a paper for him. Highly moved by this Ashutosh along with his friend Hrishabh founded Plan Harbor to give Quality Education reachable to all the students in India and contribute his share in the development of the country. Plan Harbor have already got around 1000+ entries till now for it’s first National level Technical Competition E-techa going to be conducted on 25th August,2013 .Plan Harbor is about to start around 70-100 Plan Harbor cells at various colleges all round India in the upcoming 2months including highly reputed institutes like IITs and NITs and top notch colleges and even have received entry from one of the new IIMs.

Plan Harbor is now on it’s way to make it’s brand reach the peaks. He also realized the importance of providing opportunities to students. Plan Harbor recruited passionate individuals from highly reputed colleges of IITs and NITs to maintain it’s brand image. Also, Plan Harbor is going to launch E-Commerce website  in upcoming days for college students of all over India solving their most common problem.   He is now a growing Entrepreneur. His Leadership qualities made him reach all these achievements. We need something more than just passion to be successful in life. He had a high level of tolerance to risk.

                         “ Far better it is to dare mighty things ,to win glorious Triumphs ,

                even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those

poor spirits who neither enjoy much  nor suffer much because

they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat .”

He is a person of high aptitude who pioneers change and hope he reaches all the more success.

Being an Entrepreneur is like living your dream.Work hard like it’s your last day and party more harder. Apart from this the students should keeping reading stories at and the top stories at linkedin and  increase a network of good contacts. Think more innovatively first, then work harder to implement it. That’s the difference between you and the rest of the world! Happiness shouldn’t be good enough for you! You should demand euphoria!

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