What entrepreneurs can learn from BJP’s digital marketing strategy?

The Narendra Modi election campaign was possibly one of the world’s greatest in terms of the number of people reached. While Modi delivered his speeches, the BJP used technology and man power to deliver his message to the last mile. In this post, I will share some of the methods used by the BJP to reach the farthest villages.

  1. Graphics depicting the salient points of his speech: When Modi delivered his now famous speech at Ramlila maidan where he laid out his vision for India, the BJP created the following graphic to highlight the salient points of his one and a half hour long speech. Similar graphics were created for each constituency which were based on his speech in that particular constituency. Notice how precisely this graphic highlights what Modi intends to do. Also notice the NDOC logo which stands for “National Digital Operation Center”.vision_of_modi_v1
  2. Once such a graphic was created, it was tweeted by the official NDOC handle which is still in use to propagate government’s messages. https://twitter.com/NDOC2014 ndoc
  3. Once the graphic was tweeted, the supporters used to spread it on every channel including Facebook and WhatsApp, which had by now become a powerful medium of spreading party message. (In India, more people now use WhatsApp than those who use facebook or twitter. )
  4. On an average, a  powerful graphic reached over 10 million people within a day of being propagated through all the different channels including the popular ‘I Support Namo” channel on Facebook.
  5. The message also reached the millions of volunteers who had signed up and they in turn spread this graphic through social media into their own peer groups.
  6. Thus, those who could not really see Narendra Modi’s speeches on TV, still managed to find out his agenda through these graphics and technology. And those who did not even get these graphics on their phones, still got his message because of ground volunteers who even took the pains of printing these graphics using their own money. BfX_LSpCcAEjt7Q

When you read all this, you do not think that this is something unusual. In fact you already know all this. This is precisely how a message can be delivered through different mediums. And all national parties did it. However, what is interesting to not is how can you make something go viral when you do not have such a huge fan following as evidently Narendra Modi did. There are certain learnings we can take from the above:

  1. Cultivate a fan following doing amazing work. Modi did it with his speeches, you need to find out what you’re good at.
  2. Create content for social media through real action on ground. While it’s ok to create joke posters and all once in a while, the real content gets built up through actual stuff happening on ground. Social media can only allow you to present existing stuff more creatively.
  3. Ensure whatever you make is interesting enough and relevant. It is because Narendra Modi’s speeches were highly relevant that such posters and graphics were spread because people felt it was their duty to spread their leader’s message. This is, however, an exceptional case since no one will feel obliged to share your content. The only way you can compel people to share your content is by making it compelling. In case of social media, people like a) Trivia b) Funny things c) Amazing skills and talent related videos or d) An emotional message which restores faith in humanity. If you can align your message with your product so that it falls under any of those categories, you will come out as winner.

So what is your 360 degree marketing strategy? Do share your views.

About the Author

Siddharth Goyal is "web development and internet marketing" trainer and is the founder of The Webinstitute and is also the digital operations consultant at Nurture Talent Academy. He worked full time with the National Digital Operations Center (IT Cell) of the Bhartiya Janata Party during the 2014 general elections where he worked closely with the social media (during Delhi elections) as well as the ground team.

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