Facebook introduces free basic internet services to Airtel customers in Zambia

In a recent and very welcome development, Airtel will be providing free basic internet services to the people in Zambia as a part of Facebook’s Internet.org app, which Facebook has created to increase the penetration of internet in places where affordability is a major issue even though mobile services are available.

The internet.org app will be available to people free of cost and they will not be charged for data either. The app contains some very amazing services including a library, weather forecast, facebook, wikipedia and even a chat messenger.

Personally, I think this is one of the great ways to change and improve the world and Facebook and Airtel both deserve a round of applause for this effort. In time, Internet.org will be made available in other third world countries as well.

Take a look at this video:

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Siddharth Goyal is "web development and internet marketing" trainer and is the founder of The Webinstitute and is also the digital operations consultant at Nurture Talent Academy. He worked full time with the National Digital Operations Center (IT Cell) of the Bhartiya Janata Party during the 2014 general elections where he worked closely with the social media (during Delhi elections) as well as the ground team.

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