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Nurture Talent Academy is India’s 1st Institute for Entrepreneurs.

We organized

  • StartupYatra : Startup Yatra is an initiative of Nurture Talent Academy, in which young startups, professionals and students visit the office of Gurus who are successful entrepreneurs in their fields who share their knowledge, experiences and learnings in a candid manner while showcasing their workplace and sharing about their teams as well as operations.
    1 Week, 3 Cities, 5 Gurus and ∞ Possibilities!

  • InvestorYatra : Investor yatra is journey for startups to learn from experienced investors covering multiple stages of investments including incubator, accelerator, Angel investment, seed funding and venture capital. 
  • Techunt : Techunt 2013 is a nation wide workshop and training platform to find out and nurture the ideas harnessing the power of the web and mobile technologies.Started in collaboration with THE COMPUTER SOCIETY OF INDIA, techunt aims to develop techpreneurs equiping the budding students with the latest web and mobile technologies.
  • Techunt Junior : Techunt Junior is a national level contest for schools kids.
  • Webinars : Webinars are online interactive sessions organized by Nurture Talent, where distinguished entrepreneurs and business experts share their views on topics ranging from Online Marketing to making Termsheets and how to attract Investors.