6 Reasons to Learn Social Media Marketing

Nurture Talent Academy is organizing an Advanced Social Media Marketing Workshop on August 16. You may be a business owner, an enthusiast or just some one curious. The fact is that Digital Marketing is now big and in 24 months time, things are bound to become so seamless, that without having a social media strategy, you are going to lose to competition fast. Here are the top reasons why you should attend this workshop   1. You are a small business owner but want to have a big brand value. Social Media is one place where you can get maximum returns at a relatively small price. By using social media intelligently, you can achieve massive brand awareness investing very little money. If you play your cards right, stay professional, you will not need to advertise on TV to make your brand stand out. Initially, when you don’t have much money, this can be extremely valuable.   2. You want to delight your customers with superior after sales service Social media is a way to keep your ears to the ground and react quickly to customer grievances which will come from time to time. Remember: Customers don’t expect you to be […]

Company Forms in India

What are the different company forms in India and which one is right for you? In this video, I have discussed the same.

E-Summit to be held at ISM Dhanbad

Genesis, E-cell of ISM Dhanbad is organizing its annual E-SUMMIT.The summit aspires to bring out the hidden gems and showcase them to the entrepreneurship  community.This year will witness a host of new and exciting events meant to inspire, inculcate and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship. Following are the most awaited events (especially by the budding maverick entrepreneurs) of E-Summit: Bizkraft Business-Baazigar Chanakya’s Dilemma Green Money Yukti More details can be obtained from here

Nurture Talent partners with Genesis E-Cell of ISM Dhanbad

Genesis is an entrepreneurship cell (a non-profit initiative), which consists of a group of students, teachers, incubators, mentors, innovators and researchers, which aims to promote the entrepreneurship culture in ISM and bring a feeling of intellect in every student of ISM.It believes that emerging economies like India need the drive and innovation of young entrepreneurs. The Cell therefore aims at manifesting the latent Entrepreneurial spirit of the youth. The Cell not only motivates the youth to start-up their own enterprise, but also makes efforts to provide them with the necessary resources to do so.

Pitch the Rich sessions at IIT Delhi

Last week, I attended the Entrepreneurship Summit at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. It was a homecoming of sorts (I am an alumnus, 2001 passout) after 10 years. Some things never change – wind tunnel, Dogra Hall, seminar Hall, Ex Hall (exhibition hall) are still as pristine as I left them! Coming to the event, all in all it was average. The startup showcase at the ex-hall had lots of empty stalls. Most of the events were delayed. The plus points were a nice talk by Ashish Gupta of Helion Venture – good to see a VC call a spade a spade! From the investor’s side, I have found myself at a loss of words while saying no to entrepreneurs (though its an art I have mastered now over 3 years). Pitch the Rich session was fine – the funda behind this being entrepreneurs pitching to rich people (thats not me!). A couple of companies have done well and may make the grade of Mumbai Angels as they have a great team and great concept running for them (admission for nursery kids, apps for iPhone). On the other hand, a couple of professionals may not even start, and I was surprised they […]

Top Ten Ways for Entrepreneurs to Close a Deal

I had written this article for YourStory, India’s leading website covering entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you have done all the hard work to start your venture, get a team around it, get customers to pay and investors are showing interest. But still there is that X-Factor which you need to close the deal – as they say, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Listed below are top ten ways for entrepreneurs to close a deal: Talk to the investors directly – do not offload the task to your advisors or consultants. They are good for making the introductions, but after this its all about you and your team. Engage the investors – they are human beings too! Find their motivations, seek their help or advise and share the ongoings at your company honestly, it sure helps! Present the true picture – telling an investor “my product is half-ready” if you just have the specs will not work. What will work better is a working prototype. Avoid false statements – do not say you have personally invested 50 lakhs, if you cannot show it in your company’s bank account. Present the market scenario correctly – cold […]

Business Plan workshop at Atharva College, Mumbai

As a part of the eweek organized by NEN, entrepreneurship cell of Atharva College, Mumbai, hosted a business plan workshop by yours truly. With more engineers than management students in attendance, it was a great experience, with questions flying from all corners. Questions ranged from silly ones like “How to make a public issue for starting a business?” (only Anil Ambani can do that), intelligent ones like “How to protect ur idea?” to practical ones like “How to start an incubation center?” (asked by the respected Principle).  The e-cell members who escorted me were too eager to share their ideas – not knowing the hard fact of entrepreneurship – devil is in the execution! The best of part of going to such forums is that you get so much respect from the students, and they all are really so excited to start someday! All the best!

IIT Bombay E-cell selects Nurture Talent Academy as Training Partner

IIT Bombay E-cell selected Nurture Talent as their Training partner for the entrepreneurship summit. I conducted a workshop for all entrepreneurs participating in Vulture’s Nest and Eureka. It was a great experience, with lots of energy and talent among the participants. It was a pretty exciting week. The pre-event workshop on how to make a business plan and pitch to investors was well attended, by around 25 entrepreneurs. More interesting than what I had to tell them about a business plan was what hey had to know about VCs and investors. Queries included issues like how can I put a professional touch – looks, finish to my presentation, VCs idea about my business, Consolidation of information in 5-10 minutes pitch, Financial breakeven issues, How much should be covered in 5 minutes, How do you negotiate with VCs, How important are Future projections, What stage to look for funds? How important are Risk factors in a pitch, What is the scene in Early stage investments, Why should I go for VCs and so on. What I liked particularly was the loads of energy and talent in the entrepreneurs. Though I must add, lots of them had severe misconceptions – particularly about […]