Our experts are in a class of their own. They have “been there, done that”. The panel includes angel investors, successful entrepreneurs and experienced professionals. They come from a diversified array of business domains with a single aim binding them – encouraging entrepreneurs!

Name Industry Area of expertise
Sasha Mirchandani Venture Capital Investment, Finance
Prashant Choksey Construction, Angel Investments Investment, Marketing
Praveen Chakravarty Financial Services, Angel Investments Investment, Finance
Vikas Choudhury Marketing, Angel Investments Technology
Rajesh Sehgal Financial Services, Angel Investments Business Planning, Finance
Rajiv Dadlani Investment Banking, Angel Investments Business Planning, Finance
Sanjay Kulkarni Consulting, Angel Investments Investment, Operations
Ashwin Mittal Analytics KPO, Angel Investments Investment, Marketing
Anil Joshi Manufacturing, Angel Investments Business Plan, Operations
Adit Parekh Travel Operations
Shantanu Surpure Legal services Legal and taxation
Anand Kumar Legal services Legal and taxation
Manish Shukla FMCG, Retail Marketing, Sales
K Sriram Manufacturing Marketing, Sales
NS Satish Manufacturing Sales
Vipul Mathur Manufacturing Marketing
Chaitanya Dalal Investment Banking Legal and Taxation, Finance
Aloke Bajpai Travel Online Marketing
Atul Kumar Education Finance
Paramdeep Singh Education Finance
Pawan Prabhat Education Finance
Prasad Rajappan Software Human Resources
Siva Rangaswamy Education Operations, Retail
Rohit Koshy Manufacturing Operations, Finance
Vikas Girdhar Automobile Operations, Marketing
Amit Grover Education Business Plan, Legal
Rajat Sharma Software Mobile Applications