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Campus Ambassador Program

Campus Ambassador Program

Be the star in your campus – Be a STARPRENEUR!

Starpreneur – Nurture Talent Academy’s Campus Manager Program nurtures young minds from around India who are passionate about entrepreneurship.

What is a Starpreneur?

Starpreneur would be a passionate and energetic person who wants to learn about new ideas and businesses. It’s perfect for students pursuing undergraduate, engineering,  business management degree or interested in areas of business and technology. You should have a well-rounded personality (not only class-toppers!) who can drive people, manage time, coordinate with college management and organize successful campus events. You do not need to leave your campus or studies to be a part of Starpreneur. Also, you can be anywhere in India to be a part of NTA’s Starpreneur.
Starpreneur 2014 Selection Process

  • Candidates will be chosen on first come first serve basis, so you should apply now.
  • Selected candidates will receive email/call for interview.
  • From every college one/two STARPRENEUR will be chosen.


  • Currently studying a full-time Science, Technology, Engineering, Management, Math, Commerce or Design course at an officially recognized University/College in India.

If you get selected as a Starpreneur, here’s an indication of some of your goals:

  • Conduct and take part in entrepreneurship activities in college and local community.
  • Evangelize entrepreneurship on social media and write articles on your subject of interest.
  • Manage NTA’s B-plan competition and workshops in your college
  • Conducting interviews with local entrepreneurs in the city.
  • Volunteering for our various training program in your city.

As a Starpreneur, a host of benefits are available:

  • Welcome letter.
  • Connect and network with talented, brilliant and positive students from colleges across India
  • Attend technology and business related training programs for free
  • Receive certificates of recognition, which will help you succeed in your future career.
  • 10 best Starpreneurs out of the batch will be selected for paid internship with Nurture Talent Academy at the end of the program
  • Work with clubs of leading IITs and IIMs and earn rewards as well as invites to exclusive techfests, esummits etc.

6 months beginning Jan 2014 to June 2014

Please fill this form and we will contact you by email or phone if you are shortlisted for interview.

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Testimonials of our previous Starpreneurs

“It was indeed a great experience at Nurture Talent academy. I think I did my MBA from Nurture talent academy. I learnt a lot in marketing, finance and much more which is very much beneficial to me for my future prospects.
Secondly, it was fun organizing an event at college for Nurture Talent Academy.” – Molisha Mehra, Dronacharya Engineering College, Gurgaon

“It has been a wonderful experience… learning about a whole knew world that surrounds us and the power that we as students have to start with our own venture. All the things that we’ve discussed on the webinars or in the workshops has been very helpful indeed. I thank the team of NTA to be supportive and eager to listen to us anytime and motivate us in any situation I we were in.” – Namita Jain, ITM University, Gwalior

“I have very nice experience with Starpreneur & Nurture Talent Academy. Meet with new people and also shared new experience and ideas and knew about different entrepreneurship skills through different workshops. It was really a good experience.” – Neha Maheshwari, College of Dairy and Food Science Technology, Udaipur

“It was a great experience for me, with all the webinars ,guidance and workshop at my college. Have learn’t a lot and gained a lot of experience from Nurture Talent Academy. It was a pleasure to be a Starpreneur, and have definitely made new friends abd have learnt lot more in this journey.” - UDML College of Engineering, Jaipur

“I am really a lucky person to be a part of Nurture Talent Academy.I got in contact with so many smart people and learned a lot from them.The webinars and posts from Amit sir were always very informative.I realized what entrepreneurship is and how it can be considered as a good career option,This group made me realize that if we follow our dreams passionately and work hard then those dreams are always fulfilled(this is by the various examples of how young dymanic people came out with their start-ups and are following their path confidently). Certainly in future I will be come up as an entrepreneur and i would like to thank NTA for all the good things i have come across during this journey.” – Aditya Shah, DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai

“My experience as a starpreneur was quite learning. I organized a Entrepreneurship summit in Chandigarh, with a support from Nurture Talent Academy without which the event couldn’t be taken to that level. We received participation from various universities across the country. Secondly the webinars were really informative and guidedme to take my start-up to next level. Most important thing I gained is the network that I built with others starpreneurs and I wish to enjoy this furthur.Also I would like to appologise for the summit that got cancelled in my college because ofsome college’s authorities.” – Akshit Raja, PEC  – Chandigarh

“I had a lot of new experiences with entrepreneurship. Nurture Talent Academy truly showed me a clear way on the path of entrepreneurship. I organized an event in campus “Meet the Startups”, where I invited all the startup founders in my college and had an interactive session on what was it like on the road not taken. By being a Starpreneur, I realized who I was really. I started to see things in a different way and started taking responsibilities and explored things beyond my comfort level. It also helped me know a lot of new people. Now I don’t hesitate to go upto anybody and introduce myself.” – Anant Gupta, VIT University

“Starpreneur group on facebook has now become of a hub for sharing business plans. I think , firstly it provided me the basics of entrepreneurship and gradually with thought-provoking webinars, it reaches among the masses. The e-summit at IIT-K was awesome and was a learning experience. Thankyou nurture talent academy for uniting us all.” – Hareet Bhardwaj, Ujjain Engineering College

* Please note that we are not angel investors or venture capitalists or bank or physical incubator. In case you are looking for money for your business, please contact the investors or banks directly or hire an investment banker. Nurture Talent Academy is a training venture for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, students and professionals.