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Walking on the “Road less travelled” – Entrepreneurship!

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Guest Post by Garima Juneja I guess I am addressing two categories of people through this post. One - who are still in college and confused about what they have to do in life and two - who have completed college and are still wondering what they are doing with their life! It's sad that our youngistaan is utterly confused and wandering here and there without any

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Startup Eco-system for Women Entrepreneurs

By at July 17, 2012 | 6:16 pm | 3 Comments

India is pregnant with entrepreneurial ventures, and it is the women that are leading the charge into the future. Nobody can deny the role that Anu Aga played in Thermax, or Kiran Shaw in Biocon, or even Sudha Murthy for building Infosys.  Also, Ekta Kapoor, who makes millions cry in emotions through her 'K' serials! Add to that the millions of unknown hands and hearts

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