Advanced Social Media Workshop Update

Proudly presenting the smiling faces of our social media marketing workshop conducted in Mumbai last week. For the upcoming session in Delhi and Gurgaon, register on

Facebook Remarketing

One very powerful way of advertising on facebook is to use the retargeting method. In this video, learn how to retarget those who have visited your website once. Prior knowledge of basic HTML may be necessary to learn this technique.   Learn this and more tricks in our upcoming Social Media Marketing Workshop in Mumbai!

Ice Bucket Challenge: A Case Study on “How to Run a Viral Social Media Campaign”

By now, I am sure you have read about the Ice Bucket Challenge. But if you haven’t, don’t worry. You will soon. It’s become a rage. Everyone from celebrities to common people are doing it. And in the process, they are raising awareness about the Motor Neuron Disease. So what exactly is it and what can we learn from it? To put it simply, The Ice Bucket Challenge was started by the ALS association to raise awareness about the Motor Neuron Disease. The challenge works as follows: You create a short video of you pouring ice water onto yourself, and then challenging your friends to do the same. If you do succeed, then you can proudly make this badge your facebook/twitter header image, thereby raising even more awareness. Why It Works? Imagine a celebrity seeing a video in which he has been challenged by another famous celebrity to complete the challenge. What choice is he left with? Frankly, none at all. And this is why it works so well. From Mark Zuckerberg to Bill Gates, everyone is challenging everyone else to complete the challenge. Thus it becomes a matter of pride for many, especially the celebrities who have a reputation […]

Do you drink 4 litre doodh roz ka? Learnings from @ddnewshindi Twitter Account

In the past couple of months, one twitter handle that has caught everyone’s attention is @ddnewshindi when it started tweeting commentary during the FIFA world cup. The tweets were not only informational but also were extremely witty. While it’s still a mystery as to who is the brains behind the commentary, the twitter janta really admires the person. Here are some of the pearls क्या खुद ही ‘गिरने’ वाले रोबेन की टीम नीदरलैंड को गिरा पाएगा कोस्टारिका. एक पूर्व अवलोकन via @DDNewsHindi #NEDvsCOS — DD न्यूज़ (@DDNewsHindi) July 5, 2014 अनुमानों के मुताबिक विश्वकप के दौरान 203 देशों के तकरीबन 692,000 पर्यटक आए. इनमें वो डिफेंडर शामिल नहीं जो पिच पर पर्यटन कर रहे थे#ARGvGER — DD न्यूज़ (@DDNewsHindi) July 13, 2014 #NEDvsMEX नीदरलैंड की रक्षा पंक्ति लग रहा है मानो बीच-बीच में पर्यटन पर चली जाती है. मैक्सिको के 2 दूरोंतो प्रयास विफल रहे हैं. अभी भी 0-0 — DD न्यूज़ (@DDNewsHindi) June 29, 2014 1 के लिए दुनिया होगी सोने की, 1 के लिए पीतल की विश्व कप अंतिम अध्याय #ARGvsGER रात 12:30 बजे @DDNewsHindi और DD1 पर — DD न्यूज़ (@DDNewsHindi) July 13, 2014 चार लीटर दूध रोज़ का, काम जिनका रोज़ का, मेडल वहीं […]

Learning from Hollywood: How to make a sales call?

Hollywood can teach us a lot. In fact there are many movies which can teach us about starting up, marketing, etc. There is one movie in particular which is all about sales calls. No. I am not talking about “Pursuit of Happyness”. I am talking about Boiler room. Check out how Vin Diesel closes a sales call in this scene from Boiler room.

5 Step Marketing Plan

Clueless about marketing? Here’s a quick video which can ease this process a bit. This video essentially explains a 5 step marketing process which essential Write down benefits of products Write down your potential customer target. Create Capture Convert If that did not make a lot of sense, then check this video out:

Video: Even Religion is using Social Media

This is a brilliant video which, by using the example of Church, explains how common marketing strategies can be applied in uncommon places. Essentially, it comes down to this: Define your problem Scan the industry and see how your competition is working Identify your market segment Optimize the experience The video is only 10 minutes long and will be totally worth your time!

How to add Google Analytics to your website.

Google Analytics can be a powerful tool to help you understand where you’re getting  your traffic from. Having only this much knowledge is enough to help you focus your campaign. There is a lot of ignorance about adding google analytics to your website though. But the truth is, it’s actually a piece of cake if you can simply come out of your comfort zone a little bit. Actual Steps involved: Go to Google Analytics and sign up. If you have an account in google and you’re signed in, you will only need to click the “Access Analytics” button at the top.  Thereafter, create a new account by first clicking admin and then clicking “Create New Account” Fill up the form on the next page. Mention your website name and then click the blue “Get Tracking ID”  button. Now on the next page, you will see some code. Copy the code Paste this code in each of your html files right before the closing </body> tag. If You’re Using WordPress In case you have hosted your website on WordPress, then you only need to paste this code in your theme file’s footer.php file, once again right before the closing </body> tag. […]

Do Not Build Your Website Before Reading This

One of the key issues when you’re starting any business is how to get a website made and what should be the price of a website. The answer to this question completely depends on who you ask this question. For example, you’ve already probably seen the godaddy advertisement and if you go to their site, you will know what their automated website builder will cost you. You also have the option of paying BigRock or some other company, a fixed amount per month and use their existing templates to get a simple website up and running. Things get complicated when you have very specific ideas regarding your website and when you become over conscious about your company’s brand and image  reflecting in your website. In other words, you will need to spend a decent amount of money if you want to have a website which is customized to suit your particular needs. In this post, I will tell you what factors you need to consider when getting your website built. Simple Website If you’re simply looking for an information brochure style website that you’re unlikely to change much, you can go for a website builder available on your webhost. The […]

What entrepreneurs can learn from BJP’s digital marketing strategy?

The Narendra Modi election campaign was possibly one of the world’s greatest in terms of the number of people reached. While Modi delivered his speeches, the BJP used technology and man power to deliver his message to the last mile. In this post, I will share some of the methods used by the BJP to reach the farthest villages. Graphics depicting the salient points of his speech: When Modi delivered his now famous speech at Ramlila maidan where he laid out his vision for India, the BJP created the following graphic to highlight the salient points of his one and a half hour long speech. Similar graphics were created for each constituency which were based on his speech in that particular constituency. Notice how precisely this graphic highlights what Modi intends to do. Also notice the NDOC logo which stands for “National Digital Operation Center”. Once such a graphic was created, it was tweeted by the official NDOC handle which is still in use to propagate government’s messages. Once the graphic was tweeted, the supporters used to spread it on every channel including Facebook and WhatsApp, which had by now become a powerful medium of spreading party message. (In […]

6 Tips to Use WhatsApp As a Marketing Tool

WhatsApp has really changed the way mobile devices have been used for marketing. But there are ways to use WhatsApp the right way and ways to use it the wrong way.  WhatsApp is a tool for interaction. WhatsApp should only be used as a tool for quickly interacting with known persons. For example, if you own a furniture shop, you should use WhatsApp to send pictures of new inventory items to existing clients. This type of interaction should be one to one because your client may not want to become a part of, say, a WhatsApp group of your existing clients because he has no reason to interact with your other clients. Build an interactive community of like minded people: Cease the initiative. Go around the neighborhood and create WhatsApp groups of residents. Since there is an upper limit of 50 residents, you may need to make more groups. Once enough activity on the groups has begun, do some marketing occasionally by sending a message. Do not send a graphic or a video which is unaccompanied by a message also. WhatsApp as a tool to organize: Today, WhatsApp is one of the best tools to organize people for a cause […]