Please find below schedule of our upcoming programs on entrepreneurship training and click on ‘Register’ to enroll yourself for the programs:

Date City Venue Topic Registration Link
4-5th April Rajkot RK University Digipreneur – Digital Marketing Register
5th April Varanasi IT BHU Entrepreneurship Workshop Register

Please note that we are not angel investors or venture capitalists. In case you are looking for funding, please contact the investors directly or hire an investment banker. Nurture Talent Academy is a training venture for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, students and professionals.


  1. smriti says:

    gud evning sir,,
    I am smriti tripathi belong to kanpur…i am studying in jayoti vidyapeeth women’s university , jaipur,, Are you planing any workshop for North India in future .. ??

  2. Rahul Sinha says:

    Hello I run an animation company where we make promotional videos to explain the business model in a very engaging.

  3. Varan Beriwal says:

    delhi events??????

  4. Roshan says:

    Any workshop in Pune around Nov

  5. abhilash says:

    hi moumita,

    we’ll inform you when there will be a workshop at kolkata.

    even you can organise a workshop in your college
    contact undersigned to organise a workshop in your college.
    +918744017341 or +918056782897
    or you can also mail at abhilash@nurturetalent.com

  6. abhilash says:

    hi kushal,

    right now we don’t have any Mechpreneur workshop scheduled in north region.

    but we have Techpreneur which is going to be held in delhi this summer.
    you can check the details for the program at http://bit.ly/IxZAKS

  7. abhilash says:

    hi alan,

    we have our training program scheduled in chennai

    from 9th june to 15th june.

    for further information about program you can click on http://bit.ly/LA89kw

  8. abhilash says:

    hi poonam,

    we have are program Techpreneur which is scheduled in mumbai
    from 25th june to 1st july.

    you can check other details about program at http://bit.ly/IxZAKS

  9. abhilash says:

    hi nishant,

    you can contact on +918744017341 or +918056782897

    or you can also mail at abhilash@nurturetalent.com

    to organise workshop in your college.

  10. abhilash says:

    hi suyash,

    you can contact on +918744017341 or +918506017341

    or you can also mail at abhilash@nurturetalent.com

    to organise workshop in your college.

  11. alan jeffrey says:

    plz any one send any workshop in chennai

  12. KUSHAL says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am a mech.engg Student from Chandigarh. No MECHPRENEURS workshop for North India… , ..??

  13. KUSHAL says:

    hello sir,
    No MECHPRENEURS Workshop in North India .. :(. Are you planing any workshop for North India in future .. ??

  14. moumita majumdar says:

    Please let me know when you conduct such a workshop at Kolkata

  15. suyash singh says:

    wanted to organize a workshop
    please give me the details

  16. poonam gaikwad says:

    try to keep it in Mumbai……

  17. Anant Mannari says:

    I want to attend the workshop which is going to be held in Dharwad on 29th of this month. I am not able to register for the same . Please help me out .

  18. nishant mittal says:

    i want that plz organize ur workshop in our college plzzzzz….

  19. Jasveer singh says:

    Dear sir,
    Recently i Heard about you & your workshop.
    I am MBA student and my plan to start company without corporate experience i wish to attend your workshop. I am living in Delhi (NCR)
    can you tell me when you will organise workshop in Delhi NCR

  20. admin says:

    yes, u can attend in future also – do follow us on the webpage or http://www.Facebook.com/starpreneur and u can get latest updates of our workshops.

  21. admin says:

    Hi Sameer,
    Look forward to meet you during the next session. Which city will you be attending?

  22. Sir,
    I heard about these programme and i have interest in that defiantly i will attend the session. all the best.

  23. nishant goyal says:

    i want to attend your workshop at ambedkar institute of technology in delhi on 15th january 2012


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