Advanced Social Media Workshop Update

Proudly presenting the smiling faces of our social media marketing workshop conducted in Mumbai last week. For the upcoming session in Delhi and Gurgaon, register on

Ice Bucket Challenge: A Case Study on “How to Run a Viral Social Media Campaign”

By now, I am sure you have read about the Ice Bucket Challenge. But if you haven’t, don’t worry. You will soon. It’s become a rage. Everyone from celebrities to common people are doing it. And in the process, they are raising awareness about the Motor Neuron Disease. So what exactly is it and what can we learn from it? To put it simply, The Ice Bucket Challenge was started by the ALS association to raise awareness about the Motor Neuron Disease. The challenge works as follows: You create a short video of you pouring ice water onto yourself, and then challenging your friends to do the same. If you do succeed, then you can proudly make this badge your facebook/twitter header image, thereby raising even more awareness. Why It Works? Imagine a celebrity seeing a video in which he has been challenged by another famous celebrity to complete the challenge. What choice is he left with? Frankly, none at all. And this is why it works so well. From Mark Zuckerberg to Bill Gates, everyone is challenging everyone else to complete the challenge. Thus it becomes a matter of pride for many, especially the celebrities who have a reputation […]

6 Reasons to Learn Social Media Marketing

Nurture Talent Academy is organizing an Advanced Social Media Marketing Workshop on August 16. You may be a business owner, an enthusiast or just some one curious. The fact is that Digital Marketing is now big and in 24 months time, things are bound to become so seamless, that without having a social media strategy, you are going to lose to competition fast. Here are the top reasons why you should attend this workshop   1. You are a small business owner but want to have a big brand value. Social Media is one place where you can get maximum returns at a relatively small price. By using social media intelligently, you can achieve massive brand awareness investing very little money. If you play your cards right, stay professional, you will not need to advertise on TV to make your brand stand out. Initially, when you don’t have much money, this can be extremely valuable.   2. You want to delight your customers with superior after sales service Social media is a way to keep your ears to the ground and react quickly to customer grievances which will come from time to time. Remember: Customers don’t expect you to be […]

Now “Save” Stories in Facebook

Facebook has just added a new feature using which you can save stories to view later. This is similar to bookmarking web pages in browser. To save a story, just click on the options button and then click the “Save” button. You will then start seeing an additional “Saved” button on left menu. So next time, you like some story, make sure you save it so that you could check it later.

Facebook introduces free basic internet services to Airtel customers in Zambia

In a recent and very welcome development, Airtel will be providing free basic internet services to the people in Zambia as a part of Facebook’s app, which Facebook has created to increase the penetration of internet in places where affordability is a major issue even though mobile services are available. The app will be available to people free of cost and they will not be charged for data either. The app contains some very amazing services including a library, weather forecast, facebook, wikipedia and even a chat messenger. Personally, I think this is one of the great ways to change and improve the world and Facebook and Airtel both deserve a round of applause for this effort. In time, will be made available in other third world countries as well. Take a look at this video: