Facebook Remarketing

One very powerful way of advertising on facebook is to use the retargeting method. In this video, learn how to retarget those who have visited your website once. Prior knowledge of basic HTML may be necessary to learn this technique.   Learn this and more tricks in our upcoming Social Media Marketing Workshop in Mumbai!

5 Step Marketing Plan

Clueless about marketing? Here’s a quick video which can ease this process a bit. This video essentially explains a 5 step marketing process which essential Write down benefits of products Write down your potential customer target. Create Capture Convert If that did not make a lot of sense, then check this video out:

Video: Even Religion is using Social Media

This is a brilliant video which, by using the example of Church, explains how common marketing strategies can be applied in uncommon places. Essentially, it comes down to this: Define your problem Scan the industry and see how your competition is working Identify your market segment Optimize the experience The video is only 10 minutes long and will be totally worth your time!